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AMD to Enhance Ryzen CPU Specifications for Clearer Details on Core Count, Clocks, and More

AMD is overhauling its specifications and branding approach for current and future Ryzen CPUs, especially as it expands its lineup of hybrid chips. Both Intel and AMD produce chips with multiple core types, featuring varying specifications such as core counts, clock speeds, and cache amounts.

This diversity has led to confusion, prompting both companies to enhance their efforts to provide comprehensive specifications for users seeking precise details about their purchases.

More About AMD Ryzen Providing Clearer Details

Intel pioneered the hybrid design concept with its 12th Gen Alder Lake lineup. Although initially lacking information, Intel now offers detailed specifications, including individual clock speeds (base/boost) for both P-Cores (Performance) and E-Cores (Efficiency). The company also provides TDPs at different power levels such as Base Power, Maximum Turbo Power, Minimum Assured Power, and Maximum Assured Power. Each core type is individually listed, enabling customers to understand the composition of their processors, a crucial factor influencing overall PC performance.

In contrast, AMD’s specifications page, particularly for Zen 4 and Zen 4C cores, lacks independent clock speed listings for each core type. Clock speeds are not detailed separately, and TDPs only cover default and configurable power ranges, falling short of Intel’s comprehensive approach. Another area where AMD lags is in the description of AI data types, a feature highlighted in Intel’s recently launched Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” CPUs. While AMD offers the XDNA NPU on both Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 8000 APUs, detailed information is currently lacking. AMD has committed to making it easier for users to distinguish between Ryzen AI and non-Ryzen AI PCs through new branding.

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image 693 AMD to Enhance Ryzen CPU Specifications for Clearer Details on Core Count, Clocks, and More

In a statement to Tom’s Hardware, AMD has confirmed plans to provide more precise and detailed specifications for its current and future Ryzen CPUs, addressing the need for clarity in specifications.

It’s crucial to note that AMD’s hybrid strategy differs from Intel’s. While AMD employs two different core types in select SKUs within its Ryzen 7000/8000 family, the fundamental Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) remains largely the same, with differences primarily in clock speeds, cache, and power targets. AMD has clarified that it will not adopt Intel’s P-Core/E-Core design for its hybrid future.

Regarding AMD’s current specifications pages, details about clock speeds for the two Zen 4 and Zen 4C cores individually are missing. AMD aims to improve this in future listings, emphasizing transparency in specifications. The Zen 4 cores are optimized for higher clocks, while the Zen 4C cores prioritize higher efficiency with lower clocks.

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This move by AMD to enhance specifications aligns with the company’s commitment to providing users with more accurate and detailed information. Both Intel and AMD have made significant strides in offering transparent specifications to customers. In the past, obtaining per-core clock information required direct inquiries to Intel, whereas now, such details are readily available within presentation slides and specification pages.

While Intel released controversial slides criticizing AMD’s CPU brandings, both companies are focused on improving specifications rather than engaging in verbal disputes. This collaborative approach promises to be more productive for customers seeking accurate and detailed information for their purchasing decisions.


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