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AMD Ryzen 5800GX with Zen3 and Navi 24 GPU in a single chip would have been amazing

While AMD is busy preparing the Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor for availability, there’s an amazing concept that has been shared by Twitter user Olrak (@Olrak29_) known to provide interesting leaks about the upcoming Navi 3x chips and other hardware leaks.

This is a leak of a concept APU in the form of a Ryzen 5800GX processor that could use the recently released Navi 24 GPU that comes with a die size of 107 mm² along with a Ryzen 5000 CCD i.e. a Zen3 chiplet which comes with a maximum die size of only 80.7 mm².

AMD Ryzen 5800GX AMD Ryzen 5800GX with Zen3 and Navi 24 GPU in a single chip would have been amazing
via @Olrak29_

Now, to make use of both of these you need a controller and the proposed Ryzen’s I/O die (cIOD/Consumer IOD) that already measures 125 mm² is even bigger than the size of a Navi 24 GPU die. So, easily the concept of a powerful APU with full 8 Zen 3 cores paired with an entry-level 1080p GPU makes this an amazing concept.

Currently, AMD wouldn’t prefer taking this concept or even might have themselves thought about it, however, you cannot rule out the possibility of this in near future. With faster DDR5 RAM, the Navi 24 GPU or say the RDNA2 GPU or upcoming RDNA3 GPU could surely be a possibility.

via Videocardz

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