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AMD Phoenix 2 APUs with a cut-down RDNA 3 GPU spotted within Coreboot

AMD recently introduced its Phoenix APUs, which will be available on laptops as the Ryzen 7040 series, but it appears that the company is also working on a second revision known as Phoenix 2. There have been reports of a second AMD Phoenix 2 APU for some time now, but the most recent occurrence of the chip was discovered within Coreboot patches that list both the Phoenix (1) and Phoenix (2) APUs. The AMD Phoenix 2 APU, as discovered by Coelacanth-Dream, is not the same as the standard Phoenix APUs and has certain differences that make it an entirely new SKU. It remains to be seen whether Phoenix 2 will be released.

Moving on, the AMD Phoenix APUs are identified by two GFX1103 “RDNA 3” IDs. The first of these IDs is the standard GFX1103 R1, which has 512 KB of L2 cache.

credit: wccftech

The second, GFX1103 R2, has half the L2 cache (256 KB). The Phoenix 2 APU appears to be the successor to the Mendocino APUs and could be targeted at low-power mobility platforms, with the next-generation Steam Deck handheld console being one of the many possible implementations of this chip. Moore’s Law is Dead has also previously highlighted this.

According to Kepler L2, who has been following the Phoenix 2 APUs for a while now, the new chips will also have a lower compute unit count, making them sound like a more conservative version of the Phoenix APUs. It will be fascinating to see the efficiency numbers produced by the Phoenix 2 APUs. The first AMD Phoenix APUs will be available on laptops in March 2023, so we can expect an update on the Phoenix 2 parts later that year.

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