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AMD Showcases High-Performance Computing Leadership at ISC 2024

At the forefront of High-Performance Computing (HPC), AMD is set to showcase its significant contributions and leadership at ISC High Performance 2024. With AMD EPYC processors and AMD Instinct accelerators increasingly becoming the go-to solution for cutting-edge companies, national laboratories, and world-renowned scientists, AMD continues to shape the future of supercomputing on a global scale.

Making Strides in Supercomputing: The Top500 List Highlights

The latest Top500 List, an authoritative ranking of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, showcases AMD’s growing influence and achievement in the HPC arena:

Ryzen 9 7940HX
credit: AMD
  • A Significant Presence: AMD now powers 156 systems on the Top500 list, marking a notable year-over-year increase of 29%. This expansion underscores AMD’s rising prominence in the supercomputing community.
  • World-leading Performance: For the fifth consecutive time, the Frontier supercomputer has been acknowledged as the fastest in the world, a testament to AMD’s superior computational capabilities and technological advancements.
  • Pioneering Systems on the Horizon: The Lawrence Livermore National Labs have provided early results for three systems—RZAdams, Tuolumne, and the eagerly anticipated El Capitan Early Delivery System. These systems, ranking 46th, 47th, and 48th, respectively, highlight AMD’s pivotal role in advancing the frontiers of supercomputing research and development.
  • A Powerhouse in EMEA: AMD continues to power Lumi, the most potent supercomputing system in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Lumi also ranks as the fifth fastest supercomputer globally, further solidifying AMD’s position in the international supercomputing landscape.
  • Enabling Groundbreaking Supercomputers: AMD’s technology is at the core of several new high-profile supercomputer deployments, including HPE’s Helios and Eni’s HPC6 supercomputers. These collaborations demonstrate the trust and reliance leading organizations place in AMD’s HPC solutions.

Introducing the Alveo V80 Compute Accelerator

In its ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of HPC and big data workloads, AMD unveiled the Alveo V80 Compute Accelerator. This latest innovation represents a significant leap forward, offering double the memory bandwidth and logic density and quadrupling the network bandwidth compared to its predecessors. The Alveo V80 is poised to redefine performance benchmarks in the industry, enabling researchers and companies to tackle more complex simulations and data analyses than ever before.

AMD’s Vision for the Future of Supercomputing

AMD’s presence at ISC High Performance 2024 and its achievements on the Top500 list illustrate the company’s unwavering commitment to advancing the field of high-performance computing. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with the global scientific community, AMD is not just keeping pace with the evolving demands of HPC but setting new standards for what’s possible, driving forward the frontiers of research, discovery, and technological excellence.


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