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Leaked AMD EPYC Server Roadmap shows us Genoa-X With Zen 4 & 3D-V-Cache along with Genoa, Bergamo & Turin With SP6 Support

AdoredTV has obtained an alleged roadmap for AMD’s next-generation EPYC Server CPUs and Platform. The roadmap includes the Genoa, Bergamo, Genoa-X, and Turin server CPUs, as well as the SP6 platform.

We can’t verify the truth of the roadmap slides, so consider this a rumor. However, most of the contents have already been reported by other leakers, so it’s worth publishing. The EPYC Server CPU roadmap for 2021-2023 is the first. The roadmap not only lists EPYC server chips, but also the platforms for which they are intended. AMD has announced the EPYC 7003X ‘Milan-X’ SP3 platform chips, which are built on the Zen 3 core architecture and feature 3D V-Cache.

Moving on, AMD intends to concentrate on the SP5 platform, which is based on the LGA 6096 socket and will include at least two processor generations, Genoa and Bergamo. In 200-400W SKUs, AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs will have up to 96 Zen 4 cores, while Bergamo will have a total of 128 Zen 4 cores in 320-400W SKUs. The SP5 platform is a high-end design with 1P and 2P support, up to 12-Channel DDR5 memory, up to 160 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes for CXL V1.1+, and up to 12 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes.

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AMD’s EPYC Genoa-X CPUs are projected to be in production by the end of Q3 / early Q1 2023, with a mid-year introduction

As ‘Large L3’ is a prominent element of the range, they will use the same design technique as the Milan-X chips, featuring 3D V-Cache. As a result, SP5 will have three EPYC families in total.

At the same time, AMD is likely to unveil SP6, a new platform for low-end servers that will be more TCO-optimized. It will be a single-processor system with 6-channel memory, 96 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, 48 CXL V1.1+ lanes, and 8 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes. Only entry-level solutions with up to 32 Zen 4 and up to 64 Zen 4C cores will be available on the platform. Their TDPs will vary from 70 to 225 watts. So it appears that the SP6 platform is intended to handle EPYC Genoa, Bergamo, and even Turin CPUs at the entry-level. Ford Edge / Telecommunication segment leadership, will focus on Density & Perf/Watt improvements.

According to literature obtained by @Olrak (via Anandtech Forums), the SP6 socket appears to be very similar to the present SP3 socket, implying that the SP6 chips’ package layout will be comparable to that of existing EPYC CPUs. They won’t employ the entire 12-die layout like Bergamo, opting instead for an 8-die configuration to match the existing pieces. While the socket appears to be identical, the internal pin configuration has been changed to LGA 4844 rather than LGA 4096. (on SP3 sockets). The other dimensions are 58.5 x 75.4 inches.

The majority of these products will be available in the second half of 2022 and the early half of 2024. AMD is expected to make a formal announcement of the new roadmap soon, with a probable unveiling at the Computex 2022 expo in a few weeks.

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