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Amazon’s AWS Graviton 2 Processor is here to challenge AMD & Intel

The eCommerce giant Amazon has just announced the sixth generation of Amazon EC2 instances, now available with three new instances powered by its own ARM-based AWS Graviton 2 processor.

Amazon's AWS Graviton 2 Processor is here to challenge AMD & Intel

These are custom-built processors by Amazon Web Services using 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores for your cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2. Amazon says that its general purpose (M6g), compute-optimized (C6g) and memory-optimized (R6g) instances can deliver up to 40% better price to performance over comparable current-gen x86-based instances.

The AWS Graviton 2 processors provide enhanced performance for video encoding workloads, hardware acceleration for compression workloads, and support for CPU-based machine learning inference. Amazon claims that these processors can deliver 7x more performance, 4x more compute cores, 5x faster memory, and 2x larger caches.

Amazon's AWS Graviton 2 Processor is here to challenge AMD & Intel

So, by powering the Amazon EC2 instances, the Graviton 2 processors offer better price-to-performance, as it’s built on the advanced 7nm manufacturing technology. For security, it features always-on fully encrypted DDR4 memory and 50% faster per core encryption performance for enhances security.

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David Brown, Vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS said about the new EC2 instances:

“Today more than ever, customers are looking for innovative ways to increase performance and reduce cost, and Arm processors have emerged as an exciting and mainstream alternative to x86 processors for a wide variety of existing and emerging workloads.”

Amazon's AWS Graviton 2 Processor is here to challenge AMD & Intel

“The new Amazon EC2 instances powered by AWS-designed, Arm-based, Graviton2 processors represent a significant generational leap for customers, delivering 40% better price/performance over comparable x86-based instances, and already we’ve seen a broad set of customers embrace them across a wide variety of general-purpose, compute-optimized, and memory-optimized workloads.”

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Amazon’s such progress in computing is really appreciable and it will reduce its own costs as it has to rely lesser on Intel and AMD for their server processors.

Sources: Techradar, AWS

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