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All you need to know about the upcoming game SONG of IRON

“What lies ahead is still a mystery. Your goal is not.”

Hear the bugle call and gear yourself up already as even the God of War has selected you for the greatest battle of times. The combat of a journey, of a weary warrior who has been traveling in search of the Gods. Someone willing to save his people and be free of his heavy burden with sheer determination. But for doing that, he must battle through armies of men and monsters. A fight for the right but intense enough to take away your sleep. So, are you ready to enter the warzone and fight for the cause?

Then brace yourself as we are back to present you with the gaming industry’s one of the most anticipated games of all time, the Song of Iron by the solo developer Joe Winter (Resting Relic) and ID@Xbox. An awestriking game, showcasing all the stunning magics of Viking, his brutal fights, and his unique gameplay. Thus, the Resting Relic’s game is finally ready to make its official debut on Xbox Series XXbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC on the 31st of Aug, 2021.

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Supposing that you can’t hold your excitement anymore, go and check out our recent trailer on the Song of Iron. A side-scrolling action-adventure game ready to take you in the world of this Viking-centric experience, away from reality. Although this Xbox console exclusive isn’t sure about releasing on Xbox Game Pass, our spy expects this incredible game to make it to our list of best Xbox games

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So, what are you doing, still thinking or pre-ordering?


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