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All the Countries Produce The Most Famous Netflix Shows and Movies

It is definitely an interesting fact about the reason on Netflix that also has such an impressive lead with the streaming competitors as the global output. It seems that productions that belong to all over the world land onto Netflix on which such countries also produce such most popular content.

It is very important to note down that at this point the top 10s are really very much reflective of Netflix’s output along with them how they got the popularity content is. As an example, there are some titles from the UK within one quarter that is just what you will likely find that has been linked with any of the drops of popularity.

Thanks should be given to FlixPatrol and it has been proven that the exclusive data. The people for those who do not know about the working of Flixpatrol as they are collecting such daily TV and film lists from such Netflix across the world. They also can compile the data assigning the points and also belong from the data and also we also can then just break down with such popularity with such several features whether that is by category or in this case with the country of source.

It has been noted that there are some of the productions that could be even argued with the multi-country effort. The show that is like The Witcher has been classed as a US shows involving the problem in the UK, Hungary, and Poland.

List of Movies and Shows  belongs to the UK on Netflix

It seems not to come as any of the surprises that fill from the US that is the most popular on Netflix and also has been taking up to 61% with the entire top 10 slots on an average along Q2 2020.

It has been licensed the Hollywood films or maybe the huge slate Netflix has set to produce from within the US. It also reveals about not to sign of the not to be the dominant country as the origin with content going to forward.

QuarterNumber of Points in Top 10sPercentage of Titles in the Top 10s
Q2 202030146860.88%
Q3 202045030559.84%
Q4 202049873762.24%
Q1 202153687666.24%
Q2 202146175556.25%
Q3 202152591163.16%
Q4 202152021858.97%
united states popularity on netflix top 10s

South Korean Content Netflix Rise and Popularity

It is reported that the slew of the articles with the state Netflix is dominating while it just comes with the South Korean contents and also about to extent as they have been right. It seems that the second most popular in Q4 2021. Netflix also has been celebrated the rise of the region coming back in September declaring that they had been made 80 shows and films in this region. It deals with the output with such local providers helping propel the country’s output across the globe.

It is reported that earlier this year, the fact that Asian content surpassed European content in popularity in the top 10s in late 2021, and now a big thanks to the individual country data and we can report that is mostly for the Korean content.

 We should just focus on the popularity over the last past two years. It is like that Q4 2021 is just like an outlier with the arrival of  Squid Game but also for the Korean content that just also been slow march up of the charts regardless of Squid game.

QuarterNumber of Points in Top 10sPercentage of Titles in the Top 10s
Q2 2020223334.51%
Q3 2020396155.26%
Q4 2020336474.2%
Q1 2021353314.36%
Q2 2021368334.49%
Q3 2021446545.36%
Q4 202110417511.81%
korean content popularity over time

United Kingdom Content that are Trending Downwards

There are also such other trends that we have been spotted over the previous two years and that content belongs to the UK and also struggling for making as much in the top 10s.

It is true that this could be a symptom of the output of the countries onto Netflix. You can also watch the particular from Q2 2021 onwards, and popularly in UK content that has been trending downwards.

  • Q2 2020 – 5.61%
  • Q3 2020 – 5.43%
  • Q4 2020 – 7.41%
  • Q1 2021- 6.28%
  • Q2 2021 – 4.50%
  • Q3 2021 – 2.71%
  • Q4 2021- 2,62%
united kingdom netflix popularity over time

Spanish-Language  Competition Content on Netflix

It is another trend having loved such tracking about the Spanish-language content along with the top 10s.

It seems that Spanish content belonging to Spain has mostly ahead of content belong Colombia and Mexico and it is very close race contains three countries as popular around the globe.

You can watch the countries output as such percentage of the polarity over the time and also very close with race and also even if Mexico and dropped in Q3 and Q4 2021.

spanish language content percentage netflix top 10s

Top 10 Country Popularity with time

It seems that the data is geeking among you and there is also a breakdown with what countries also had most of the titles in the top 10s  with each quarter beginning from the Q2 2020.

PositionQ4 2021Q3 2021Q2 2021Q1 2021Q4 2020Q3 2020Q2 2020
1United States (58.97%)United States (63.16%)United States (56.25%)United States (66.24%)United States (62.24%)United States (59.84%)United States (60.88%)
2South Korea (11.81%)South Korea (5.36%)Mexico (5.3%)United Kingdom (6.28%)United Kingdom (7.41%)United Kingdom (5.43%)Spain (7.14%)
3Colombia (3.5%)Spain (4.72%)Spain (5.13%)South Korea (4.36%)South Korea (4.2%)South Korea (5.26%)United Kingdom (5.61%)
4Spain (3.06%)Colombia (3.78%)United Kingdom (4.5%)Spain (2.64%)Canada (2.7%)Colombia (4.18%)South Korea (4.51%)
5United Kingdom (2.62%)France (3.07%)South Korea (4.49%)Colombia (2.28%)Spain (2.54%)Poland (3.74%)Poland (2.87%)
6France (2.15%)United Kingdom (2.71%)Japan (2.96%)India (2.03%)Colombia (2.13%)Mexico (3.57%)France (2.16%)
7Germany (2.11%)Japan (2.43%)Canada (2.57%)Italy (1.8%)France (1.97%)Spain (3.12%)Canada (2.06%)
8India (2.09%)Germany (1.96%)Colombia (2.54%)Mexico (1.52%)India (1.64%)Germany (3.04%)Japan (2.02%)
9Japan (1.91%)Russia (1.79%)China (2.04%)Poland (1.43%)Japan (1.48%)France (1.83%)Germany (1.94%)
10Canada (1.61%)India (1.29%)Poland (1.88%)France (1.28%)Germany (1.46%)Japan (1.55%)Colombia (1.77%)

A big thanks for the source.

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