Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Alienware launches its new M16 and M18 Gaming Laptops at the CES 2023

Alienware and Dell are going big on gaming ahead of CES 2023 with new laptops that are all about power, performance, and a revamped look. Six new laptops, including new X-series and M-series models, have been introduced. The Alienware m18, an 18-inch gaming laptop, is the most notable. The Alienware x14 and x16 are also new, with the x16 being Alienware’s first 16-inch gaming laptop since 2004.

The new Alienware M16 and M18 are Alienware’s most powerful laptops yet, with the latest next-generation Intel HX CPUs and Nvidia RTX graphics. Aside from that, these new gaming laptops include the new Legend 3.0 design language, which focuses on form, function, and quality with features such as a smoother finish, better hinges, and 1080p FHD cameras.

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The 18-inch 16:10 aspect ratio panel of the Alienware m18, on the other hand, is now 14.5% larger than the M17.

The laptop is the same thickness and height as the m17, but it features a larger screen and a full-sized keyboard with a number pad and optional Cherry MX Mechanical keys. There are user-replaceable DDR5 SODIMM slots, up to 9TB of storage, and a 165Hz QHD or 480Hz FHD display option.

Under the hood, there are improvements such as Alienware’s Element 31 thermal interface material for both the CPU and GPU, as well as larger vapour chambers for greater CPU and GPU cooling. According to Alienware, this, in conjunction with the seven heat pipes, increases thermal capacity by 35%, while the quad fans and ultra-thin fan blades increase airflow by 25%.

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The Alienware M16 is designed for folks who desire many of the same capabilities but in a smaller package. It is a less expensive device. The Alienware M18 will be available in the first quarter of this year, with higher-end models starting at $2,899. More options will be available later, with an entry-level model starting at $2,099. The Alienware M16 will be available in Q1 of this year with high-end configurations starting at $2,599, while an entry-level variant will be available later this year starting at $1,899.

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