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Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr Suffers 3-0 Defeat in Controversial Clash: Al-Hilal Dominates Riyadh Derby

In a highly anticipated Riyadh derby at the iconic King Fahd International Stadium, the clash between Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr and table-toppers Al-Hilal unfolded in a manner that captivated football enthusiasts. The encounter, marked by its intensity, not only saw Al-Hilal securing a decisive 3-0 victory but also stirred controversy with several contentious decisions that left both teams and their supporters in heated discussions.

Al Nassr vs Al Hilal Image Credits Twitter 1 Ronaldo's Al-Nassr Suffers 3-0 Defeat in Controversial Clash: Al-Hilal Dominates Riyadh Derby
Al-Nassr vs Al-Hilal, Image Credits – Twitter

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Clash of Titans: Al-Hilal Extends Lead in Saudi Pro League

The match served as a battleground where Al-Hilal showcased their supremacy, securing a significant victory that extended their lead in the highly competitive Saudi Pro League. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as rival fans taunted Cristiano Ronaldo, the five-times Ballon D’Or winner, with chants of his great adversary Lionel Messi’s name.

Milinkovic-Savic Shines: A Decisive Opener

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, the seasoned former Lazio midfielder, emerged as a key protagonist in Al-Hilal’s triumph. In the 64th minute, he delivered a precision header from Saud Abdulhamid’s well-executed cross, breaking the deadlock and setting the stage for Al-Hilal’s dominance.

Mitrovic’s Late Double Seals the Win

The narrative of the game took a dramatic turn with Aleksandar Mitrovic’s late double, which further solidified Al-Hilal’s victory. The Serbian forward showcased his prowess with a precise header and a skillful strike in the closing minutes, securing the three points and leaving Al-Nassr seven points adrift in the league standings.

Mitrovic Image Credits Twitter Ronaldo's Al-Nassr Suffers 3-0 Defeat in Controversial Clash: Al-Hilal Dominates Riyadh Derby
Mitrovic, Image Credits – Twitter

Controversial Decisions: Al-Nassr’s Frustrations due to Unfavorable Referee Calls

Beneath the surface of the thrilling encounter lay a series of controversial decisions that went against Al-Nassr, intensifying the frustrations within the team and its passionate fan base. The game witnessed pivotal moments where the referee’s decisions impacted the course of play:

Added Minutes Foul: In the added minutes of the first half, a clear foul on Fofana went unnoticed by the referee, denying Al-Nassr a potential penalty opportunity and sparking debates on the pitch and beyond.

Handball Controversy: A clear handball in the box went unaddressed by the referee, raising questions about the consistency of officiating and the absence of VAR intervention in crucial moments.

Ronaldo’s Denied Goal: The disappointment deepened for Al-Nassr as a brilliant goal by Cristiano Ronaldo was controversially disallowed, contributing to the team’s frustration and igniting post-match discussions.

Push on Ronaldo: Despite a clear push on Ronaldo, the referee chose not to review the incident, leaving Al-Nassr feeling aggrieved and underscoring the challenges of subjective officiating.

Milinkovic Savic’s Challenge: A contentious incident unfolded as Milinkovic Savic deliberately stepped on Talisca’s ankle, but to the dismay of Al-Nassr, no foul was given, adding to the list of questionable decisions.

Milinkovic Stepping on Taliscas Ankles Image Credits Twitter Ronaldo's Al-Nassr Suffers 3-0 Defeat in Controversial Clash: Al-Hilal Dominates Riyadh Derby
Milinkovic Stepping on Talisca’s Ankles, Image Credits – Twitter

Late Drama as Al-Bulayhi’s Red Card: Sour Note for Al-Hilal

The intensity of the game reached its zenith in injury time as Al-Hilal’s defender, Ali Al-Bulayhi, received a red card from Colombian referee Wilmar Roldan. This late drama, however, did little to dampen Al-Hilal’s spirits as Jorge Jesus’ side celebrated their 13th win in 15 league games, maintaining their formidable position in the Saudi Pro League.

Mr. Luis Castro’s Thoughts in the Post-match Press Conference

We may experience defeat, but not in this manner! Today, we required an additional VAR for the VAR!” – Mr. Luis Castro, Manager of AL-Nassr expressed in the post-match press conference.

Mr. Luis Castros Thoughts in the Post match Press Conference Image Credits Twitter Ronaldo's Al-Nassr Suffers 3-0 Defeat in Controversial Clash: Al-Hilal Dominates Riyadh Derby
Mr. Luis Castro’s Thoughts in the Post-match Press Conference, Image Credits – Twitter

The Riyadh derby unfolded as a spectacle of football, where Al-Hilal emerged as the dominant force. However, the controversial decisions injected a layer of drama, leaving Al-Nassr and their fans frustrated. As the league progresses, the intensity of the rivalry and the quest for supremacy promise more thrilling encounters on the horizon, ensuring that the Riyadh derby remains a highlight in the Saudi Pro League calendar.


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