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AI-Focused M4 Chips: Coming to Macs Starting Late 2024

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg says Apple will start releasing its Mac lineup with M4 chips by the end of 2024. M4s that will be made for enhancing performance capacities on artificial intelligence workloads. M4 second versions could be an October date next year Amit’s 2021 spirit episode released M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max versions at the same time in October.

M4 Chips

Upcoming Macs with M4 Chips

The M4 transition list until early 2025 on Mac products according to Gurman. M4 first models to arrive in the store in October are a 14-inch iMac in minimal colors, a 14-inch MacBook Pro, a low‐end 14‐inch MacBook Pro, and a 16-inch MacBook Pro. The M4 Mac minibatches will be released this mid-winter while the Macbook Air 13 and 15 inches will indeed premiere in spring 2025, and Studio Mac is bound to be released relative to the remarks made while the Mac Pro will come in late 2025 with other details about smaller versions of the Pro.

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Moreover, Apple is anticipating manufacturing the M4 processor, and theoretically, it includes a range of three core varieties, thus in-house Donan as the low-end, Brava for the mid-tier, and the high-end would indeed be called HERA. Furthermore, the Donan will likely be used in the entry-level models of the MacBook Pro, the Macbook Air machines, and the low-end Mac mini models. At this point, the Brava versions will indeed power the remaining Mac mini models and the equivalent of the MacBook Pro machine.

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The Hidra chip is suited for the Mac Pro, leaving room for an “Ultra” or “Extreme” tier chip. Further, versions of the Mac Studio are being examined with an unreleased M3-era chip and an M4 Brava chip version, likely positioned above the M4 Pro and M4 Max “Brava” chips. With the M3 versions ready, Mac desktop M4 versions are anticipated to support UP TO 512GB Unified Memory, a significantly higher limit than the current 192GB.

image 15 33 jpg AI-Focused M4 Chips: Coming to Macs Starting Late 2024

Since the M4s will be built on a similar 3-nanometer process as the M3s, it is anticipated that they will help an increased forthcoming edition of the 3nm process from TSMC Process, Apple’s supplier, that will allow the M4s to enhance both performance and power efficiency. Moreover, Apple intends to incorporate a significantly enhanced Neural Engine with an augmented number of cores for AI tasks.


  1. What are the key benefits of the M4 chips for Macs?

    The M4 chips are designed to enhance performance specifically for artificial intelligence tasks, offering improved efficiency and capabilities for AI-related processes.

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  2. Will existing Mac models be compatible with the M4 chips?

    The transition to M4 chips is expected to encompass the entire Mac lineup, with updates scheduled for various models from late 2024 to early 2025. However, compatibility details for specific existing Mac models have not been disclosed yet.


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