Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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5G smartphone shipments in India to cross 4G shipments in 2023

According to a report from Counterpoint, the number of 5G smartphones packed will pass 100 million in the alternate quarter( Q2) of 2023 and pass 4G smartphone shipments in India by the end of the ensuing time. India mobile phone shipments declined 15 YoY in Q3 2022, as preliminarily reported.

5G smartphone shipments in India to cross 4G shipments in 2023

5G smartphone shipments to exceed 4G shipments in India next year

India’s overall smartphone shipments are anticipated to fall this time due to element force challenges and macroeconomic enterprises, but 5G will continue to drive smartphone demand in 2023, according to Negation exploration. In India, 5G data pets are anticipated to be about ten times faster than 4G. This network will be important for developing technologies like tone-driving buses and artificial intelligence.

Due to their growing presence in lower price bands( under Rs,000) and the development of 5G networks, 5G smartphone shipments are estimated to increase by 81 times over time in 2022. But this area hasn’t grown as presto as it could because of problems getting corridor, affectation, geopolitical conflicts, and other big-picture profitable problems that have braked the launch of 5G bias in the budget member.

5G smartphone shipments in India to cross 4G shipments in 2023

According to exploration done by Counterpoint, the share of 5G handsets in the smallest price band( lower than 20,000 rupees, which is equal to$241.55) is anticipated to grow from 4 in 2018 to 30 in 2023. The exploration also said that Qualcomm and MediaTek’s lower-cost 5G chipsets have made it possible for OEMs to release further 5G bias in the lower price range. The fact that 5G services are now available to the public has also helped to boost demand for them.

As per the reports, although OEMs have introduced further 5G handsets in lower price bands, they’ve done so by removing or downgrading other critical features similar as the display or rapid-fire charging in order to alleviate the impact of rising element costs. In addition, the report stated that 5G has been and will probably continue to be a driving force for smartphone growth through 2023.


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