Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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FIFA World Cup 2030: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile place joint bid

Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay have put forth a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup. The 100th edition of the edition will take place in seven years, and the four countries want it to return to Uruguay, where it was first held. 

However, the other countries have also put their names forward to host the tournament as confirmed by their football associations at a formal press conference. 

FIFA World Cup 2030: South American Nations put forward a joint bid 

Spain and Portugal have signed a joint agreement to bid for the tournament together. Plus, there are rumours which suggest that Saudi Arabia and Morocco could rival the South American countries for the rights to host it as well. 

One of the issues that could come up if the four countries host the 2030 World Cup is a massive increase in logistical complications and costs. How they plan on dealing with these potential issues could decide whether or not they win the rights. Moreover, significant development of infrastructure in all these countries will have to take place too. 

The 2026 edition of the World Cup is set to be held in the USA, Mexico and Canada. And since the three North American countries are all hosting together, the World Cup could return to South America for its 100th edition if the bid is successful. 

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Arsh Das
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