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2024 Jeep Compass Test Sighting: Strong Indications of the 1.3 GSE T4 Turbo Petrol Engine

Upon its introduction in India, the Jeep Compass initially gained popularity as a stylish SUV. However, Jeep’s fortunes took a downturn in the Indian market due to a combination of factors working against the company’s favor. Jeep is now poised to reverse this trend with the Jeep Compass Trailhawk, which may be undergoing testing with a new petrol engine.

2024 Jeep Compass

The Upcoming 2024 Jeep Compass

Recent spy shots of the 2024 Jeep Compass being tested in India reveal a refreshed front design that differs slightly from the models Jeep has been selling in the past. This includes the Trailhawk variant, which adds a touch of ruggedness to the vehicle’s character. Credit for these new spy shots goes to the automotive enthusiast Aaradhya Dixit. Although the fascia displays slight differences, it remains unmistakably identifiable as a Jeep from a distance.

The Jeep’s distinctive features, such as the slatted grille, headlights, and overall design, are identical to the previous model. However, the bumper is entirely new and features fog lights positioned lower than in the current model. There are likely slight adjustments to the vehicle’s profile and rear section as well. Jeep appears to be broadening its range of powertrains in an effort to boost sales, as exemplified by the recent introduction of the Black Shark Edition with a 4X2 automatic combination.

image 434 2024 Jeep Compass Test Sighting: Strong Indications of the 1.3 GSE T4 Turbo Petrol Engine

The inclusion of a new petrol engine for the Compass, along with minor cosmetic enhancements, is expected to enhance the vehicle’s appearance and inject a sense of freshness and novelty. Currently, Jeep’s Indian portfolio includes only one diesel engine, excluding imported models.

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However, the importance of a petrol engine in contemporary India should not be underestimated. This choice makes sense for Jeep India, considering the uncertainties surrounding the future of diesel powertrains and the shorter lifespan of diesel engines in regions like Delhi NCR. It is likely that the new management at Jeep has recognized this need. The new engine is expected to be a small-capacity turbo petrol engine, possibly a modified version of a global engine.

image 435 2024 Jeep Compass Test Sighting: Strong Indications of the 1.3 GSE T4 Turbo Petrol Engine

The 1.3L GSE Turbo G4 turbo petrol engine is a 4-cylinder unit capable of producing 150 bhp of maximum power and 270 Nm of peak torque. This engine may be paired with a sole DDCT transmission, enabling acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in under 10 seconds and a top speed of around 200 kmph. Given that the Meridian variant is not achieving the desired sales figures, it could benefit from the introduction of this new engine.

The availability of a petrol engine option allows Jeep to offer a more competitive price point and increase sales. The process of certifying a new engine in India is time-consuming, but since Jeep has already commenced testing, it is reasonable to expect a launch sometime next year, likely by the end of 2024. In terms of size, the Jeep Compass competes with a range of compact SUVs like the Creta. Due to its premium pricing, it also competes with vehicles such as the Tata Harrier, Safari, Mahindra XUV700, MG Hector, and others.


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