The story of the series based on a student while she can attempts to master such emerging psychic ability, and solve  the mystery that has embroiled her parents.

Bigg Boss

In this show, The contestants will be isolated from the outside world and the contestants live together under cameras.

College Romance

The story of three best friends searching  for love, laughs, and there are some lifelong memories when attending the college together.


The popular Indian thriller series follows the mafia boss of Mirzapur.

Alice in Borderland

The story follows a group of delinquents have transported to the parallel dimension as a part of the survival game.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter

The story of a cop handling a merciless criminal in Bihar, He  has been navigated a deadly chase with moral battle.

The White Lotus

The show based on the tropical resort that follows the exploits of several guests and employees more than a week span.


The crime thriller is about the murder of a  young girl was seen in the Rashomon-esque perspetives of an unrelenting  obsessed  police officer.

Tom Clancy's Jack Rtan

 The crime thriller is about CIA analyst Jack Ryan thrust into the dangerous assignments

The Peripheral

The sci-fi has taken us to the future  while technology has subtly altered society about a  woman has discovered  a secret connection  to an alternate reality as well.