Reliance Industries

This company was established by Dhirubhai Ambani who returned to India in 1957. Now Mukesh Ambani is leading the industries. The company has many sectors like  IT sectors, import and export sectors, Reliance Jio established a great business in India.

Revenue- Rs.514217 Cr

State Bank of India

It is the best Life Insurance company this company offered many plans to  the other life insurance company. This company also has benefits like insurance plans, child plans, pension plans,  and savings. The company has USD  290 million with a settlement  ratio of 95.03%.

Revenue-  Rs. 385338 Cr

Indian Oil Corporation

Revenue- 374828 Cr

Indian Oil is an Indian government's  oil and gas explorer and  producer situated in New Delhi.  The public sector is under taking  by the Ministry of Petroleum  and Natural gas

Oil and Natural gas Corporation

Revenue- Rs.326179 Cr

ONGC is an Indian oil and gas explorer and producer in New Delhi the public sector is undertaking by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas

Tata Motors

Revenue- Rs.249646 Cr

Tata Motors is an Indian  multinational automotive manufacturing company.  The company manufactures  passenger cars, trucks,  vans,  coaches, buses,  luxury cars, sports cars.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation

Revenue- Rs. 241425 Cr

This is an Indian government owned oil and gas explorer and producer. BPCL is India's largest downstream oil corporation.

Tata Consultancy Service

Revenue- Rs.167311 Cr

TCS is an IR services, business solutions, and consulting firm. The headquarter is in Mumbai. Apart from TCS, the Tata group also has many branches in many sectors like Tata Steel, Tata Sons Limited.


Revenue- Rs. 161336 Cr

ICIC bank's and also hence the  firm also ranked in the ninth  position. ICIC bank also provides  a wide range of banking products  and also such financial  services for retail and corporate customers through group customers.

Tata Steel

Revenue- Rs156174 Cr

Tata Steel is India's one of the best multinational company based in Jamshedpur. the company is one of the producers  with operations and  commercial presence.


Revenue- Rs.155885 Cr

It is the popular bank service. This company gives guarantees of the settlement of claims on a single day and also takes into regard many terms and conditions.  The company also offers many fruitful schemes.