The horror  film based on a group of the bullied kids band together to finish a shape shifting monster who has disguised himself in a clown

The Conjuring 2

The horror film follows Ed and Lorraine Warren  traveling to North London for helping the single mother raising four children alone in the house.

Crimson Peak

The slow burn gothic haunted house Oscar winning director and Nerd gave Guillermo del Toro. Tom Hiddelston and Jessica Chastin for the pitch is available

Blair Witch

In the horror show, this is the third film was dun an clever  enough to become  worthy successor for the franchise name.

Resident Evil

Putting issues aside, the first legitimately  fun little zombie film that has spawned a pretty solid horror action franchise.

IT Follows

The usual horror thrills that looking for something that will fill you with those existential dread for an hour and a half  set to leave  you


In this film we will see James Wan's impeccable craftsmanship and there is no need to continue beating that horse

Fear Street

The new horror show with sub-genres mainly. The film has been directed by Leigh Janiak from scripts

The Cave

The Cave is about spelunkers being attacked by weird  cave monsters. This film is definitely one of the best the best horror show.

The Green Inferno

This horror film, is about  cannibal if you are the story of the horror fans. The film is definitely a horror adaptation