Lionel Messi

As a dribbler Messi is one of the best player in  the football history. The player used  body feints to get past defenders the great technical plating and body strength permits him to defeat the defenders and move easily.

Kylian Mbappe

The Frenchman now is best toung dribbler in football history. he can not stop and  can challenge at least three o four players  and outrun them as  like he is walking in the park.

Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian  dribblestar already dribbled the past two to three defenders and scored  a jaw-droppping goal that should be  enoigh  to speculate his dribbling prowness.


The Brazilian dribbler many times get a comparison with Lionel Messi as he is pure class  on the ball and posses the ability to take down  four to five defenders. The last season was quite disappointing  for the player.

Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva is  a revelation. The Portuguese player has a great sense when to take on the defenders .The player holds brilliant dribbling skills and  able to take  on several defenders at once

Marco Verratti

The PSG dribbler use his body that makes him an excellent midfielder. The small stature and low gravity permits him to beat all the defenders  and change the rhythm of the game in tight spaces. The Italian is a playmaker with extraordinary dribbling abilities.

Vinicius Jr.

The Brazillian at last got his best form, registering 22 goals and 20 assist in 62 games in the last season at Real Madrid. With day, the player become more  wild aand unpredictable dribblers with  amazing dribbling skills

Riyad Mahrez

Mahrez having an impactful season with 24 goals in all the competitions Mahrez also recognized  for the great control and body feints that appears him to get away from the defenders

Paulo Dybala

On the last season, the Argentine  dribbler got several injuries, in his new life at Roma was very impressive, Dybala is also world's one of the best dribblers and ball carriers some text.

Thiago Alcantara

The top Liverpool dribbler was struggled  to make an impact in the midfield, and got his groove. The player become Jurgen Klopp's  most prominent players, body feints turn plat maker to take on the defenders