Mopa Airport (Goa- January,2023) 

The new airport at North Goa's Mopa tool seven years, made by GMR Airports Ltd. The airport will soon  provide their commercial operations. Philippines Megawide Construction has made The cargo facilities, passenger terminal. The total expenditure of  first phase was Rs.2,650 crore.

Jewar Airport (Noida- End of 2024)

At first it was planned to start in this pandemic but postponed  to December 2024.After finishing the construction, Uttar Pradesh will become the only state holding five international airports.

Ayodha Airport

This glamorous airport of Uttarpradesh will open in June 2023.

Purandar Airport

This airport is in Pune, The airport  will open in August 2023.

New Airport- Kolkata

The metro city already has one  airport, Now, it's going to get another due to the high traffic. We are expecting that the new airport  will be ready in 2030. Kalyani in the Nadia become the centre of construction.

Rajkot Airport

In Gujarat this is one of the new sustainable airport. The airport has been designed in Delhi with architecture firm. The creative group has cost ts. 2,654 crore

Navi Mumbai International Airport

The construction of the airport was started in August 2021, and expected in full operation by 2024. In 1997, the project has been  proposed to the government, finally approved in 2007. The estimated expenditure is Rs. 16,700 crore.

Rewa Airport- Madhya Pradesh

Rewa airport is mainly shared the connectivity with Ude Desh Ka Aam Haagik (UDAN)  region. The airport targets to connect with Rewa and Bhopal, New Delhi, Indore and Mumbai. The estimated cost is Rs. 33.95 crore.

India's Aviation

The civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia told that government has taken the initiative to make 33 new domestic cargo terminals, and set to establish 15 new flight training schools just for the pilots.