Vending Machine for Biriyani

We have used ATM to withdraw cash, but imagine a vending machine to extract meal not the packged foods like chips, chocolate, cold drinks or water. This is Biriyani.

On 8th February a Chennai based restaurant Bai Veetu Kalyanam (BVK) is  doing the same. BVK has unveiled as it claims a "firsy-of-its-kind, unique & state-of-the are unnamed takeaway ordering experience.

The new kiosks holds a 32-inch display touchpad screen as  customers can use to place an order. The payment can be done  via card or UPI. After placing the order, a countdown timer indicates the time to make the meal to be prepared. After the timer is up, customers can collect their "freshly packed" order via pop-our window.

A biriyani order will take only four minutes. the price begins at Rs. 199 for a mini chicken pack. the biriyani will come ina  meral copper container, sealed tight and  very hot.

How long it will take?

The BVK was launched in 2020 by Faheem S. they use daily cut fresh meats. Apart from four types of Biriyani ( chicken, egg, mutton, and vegetable), the BVK provides dishes like a  chicken roast, idiyappam, idli, dosa and in desserts like bread halwa, guab jamun, payasam, and beverages like coconut milk, cold drinks etc.