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The Last Leg of the World Test Championship Race 2023: India’s Quest for Glory!

The World Test Championship (WTC) Finals Race is finally here! It’s a nail-biting race between 5 teams – India, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies. The winner of the race will officially confirm their spot in the final. And, this time, the race is more intense than ever. The four-match Test series between India and Australia will decide the fate of the WTC Final. The winner of the series will confirm their spot, while the loser will have to depend on the results of the other two series. Who will come out on top? Let’s take a look.

The World Test Championship Qualification System

The World Test Championship Qualification System is simple. Each team plays a minimum of 8 Tests and the top 2 teams with the highest percentage of points will qualify for the final. Currently, Australia tops the charts with 75.56%, followed by India with 58.93%. The fate of the other teams rests on the results of the remaining Tests.

India’s Path to the WTC Final

India is in a tough position as they take on Australia in a 4-match Test series starting on February 9. India needs to win the series at any cost to ensure their spot in the final. A draw in the series will put them in a precarious position, as South Africa and Sri Lanka can leapfrog them. India can also qualify with a 1-3 loss to Australia if West Indies beat South Africa and New Zealand beats Sri Lanka. With the pressure on, this series will be crucial in determining India’s fate in the World Test Championship race.

The Final Showdown

Australia, on the other hand, is in a more comfortable position with their current lead in the standings. A win in the 4-match Test series against India will confirm their spot in the final. However, their advantage could diminish in the challenging Indian conditions. Australia can still qualify with a 0-4 thrashing if West Indies beat South Africa 2-0 and New Zealand beats Sri Lanka 2-0.

South Africa, who once was a prime contender, has lost steam and is in a difficult spot. Even if they win against West Indies 2-0, their place in the WTC final won’t be guaranteed. They must hope for a draw in India vs Australia series, and for New Zealand to beat Sri Lanka.

West Indies, unfortunately, are all but out of the race. However, if everything falls into place, they can still make it to the final as the 2nd team. They need Australia to beat India 4-0, win against South Africa 2-0, and hope that New Zealand wins either 2-0 or 1-0 against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s equation is straightforward. They must beat New Zealand away and hope for a clean sweep for either Australia or India. South Africa vs West Indies series must end in a draw or West Indies need to win the series for Sri Lanka to qualify.

The only way Australia can be knocked out is if they lose to India 0-4 and Sri Lanka blanks New Zealand 2-0.

The World Test Championship race is reaching its climax and the fate of the finalists will be decided in the next few weeks. With India and Australia leading the pack, it’s going to be a thrilling finish. Stay tuned for more updates!

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