Monday, August 15, 2022

Tag: AMD Raphael

AMD working on improving thermal power management with its Ryzen processors based on Zen4

AMD is preparing itself for the launch of its next-generation Ryzen processors that will be based on its new Zen4 architecture. The new architecture is reported to offer numerous performance improvements to...

AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 based Raphael CPUs based on the AM5 platform presentation leaked

The next-gen AMD Zen 4 is getting leaked now and then, and now, there's an official presentation leak of the Raphael CPUs coming next year. Gamers Nexus has now revealed this alleged AMD...

AMD Zen 4 Raphael processor’s IHS design for AM5/LGA1718 package leaked

AMD is set to bring its next-gen Zen 4 based Ryzen 7000 processors codenamed Raphael next year, and the increasing leaks are just confirming its specs every day. ExecutableFix has again made...

AMD Zen 4 Raphael desktop CPUs could bring 20% IPC gain, based on the new AM5 LGA1718 socket

It seems no stopping as more and more leaks along with interesting info gets flooded on the internet about AMD's upcoming Zen 4 based Ryzen 7000 or codenamed Raphael CPUs. Moore's Law...

AMD Zen 4 based Ryzen CPUs codenamed Raphael to launch in Q4 2022

AMD is planning to revolutionize the next-generation CPUs and is continuing to hold its momentum against its only competitor Intel. While AMD enjoyed a great success last year with the launch of...

AMD Ryzen 7000 or Raphael set to feature 5nm based Zen 4 cores and Navi 2 graphics?

The missing piece in the AMD roadmap puzzle is solved We got the AMD's broad roadmap months ago and that did reveal about the next-gen processors from the Red Team. MebiuW posted it...
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