Friday, March 24, 2023
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AMD Instinct MI300 with Zen 4 is up and running

AMD's chief technical officer, Mark Papermaster, announced at a conference that the company's next-generation Instinct MI300 accelerated processing unit for data centres and high-performance computing is already operational in AMD's labs. The...

AMD could bring 3D Stacking with up to 8 Compute Dies, HBM3, PCIe Gen 5.0 & 600W TDP to its upcoming Instinct MI300 GPU

Moore's Law is Dead has detailed AMD Instinct MI300 GPUs, which will be powered by the next-generation CDNA 3 architecture. The new GPUs, which are reported to be the first to integrate...

The latest leak comes out regarding the configuration of the AMD’s MI300 GPU

According to a recent leak, we now have a would-be confirmation of the configuration of the MI200 graphics processor. The latest leak comes from the ROCm software update which states that the...
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