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Get A Complete List of Top Women Boxers in the world in 2024

Top Women Boxers in the World

Women boxers have been setting unexpected records, shattering stereotypes, and displaying extraordinary talent in this fast-paced sport. Today, we honor the greatest female boxers in history in this article. These female fighters have left a lasting legacy in the sport; they are legends. Their amazing strength, cunning tactics, and victories in major bouts that altered boxing history have all been displayed.

These female boxers have overcome difficult obstacles, achieved incredible career growth, and competed in some of the most prestigious matches. Boxers like these serve as inspiration. They serve as evidence of the bravery, strength, and perseverance of female athletes. In addition to breaking records, becoming the best in a once-male-only sport, and winning fights, their tales also involve breaking other rules.

World’s Finest Female Boxers

Women boxers are becoming an increasingly important part of the professional boxing scene. They are very athletic and exhibit great skill and willpower. The world’s sports fans are enthralled with these women because they have broken records and won Olympic medals. Claressa Shields, a 28-year-old American boxer with numerous medals and accomplishments, is crowned the best women boxer.

Top Women Boxers in the world:

The top 7 female boxers in the world who have achieved success in the female boxing world are listed below, based on the most recent studies conducted in 2024.

Top Women Boxers in the world

1. Claressa Shields

After competing in her first Olympics in 2012, American middleweight boxer Claressa Shields (28 years old) has become well-known. After winning two gold medals at the Olympics, Shields made a smooth transition to professional boxing and has remained unbeaten. Shields is still a well-known name in women’s boxing, having gained notoriety for her aggressive style and tactical awareness. In 2014 and 2016, she won gold at the World Championships.

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The North American Boxing Federation (NABF) middleweight title, the WBC Silver super middleweight title, and the WBC and IBF super middleweight titles were all won by Shields in 2017. He also claimed a gold medal in the light heavyweight category in 2015.

As a result of her accomplishments, Claressa Shields has emerged as a dominant force in women’s boxing and won three world championships.

2. Katie Taylor

She is an Irish boxer who has made a name for herself in women’s lightweight competition. Taylor has won multiple world championships in two weight classes and is a former football player and Olympic gold medallist. One of the most dangerous boxers in her division, she excels in combination punching, speed, and footwork.

To name a few of Katie Taylor’s accomplishments, she also won a gold medal in the lightweight class and concurrently held the titles of The Ring magazine, WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO.

For a lot of young athletes, particularly female boxers, she has served as an inspiration and motivator. Women’s boxing is becoming more and more well-known all over the world thanks to her journey.

In all, she has engaged in 24 fights. She is 23-1 in wins and 1-1 in losses during this time. Katie Taylor ranked second among all female boxers in history thanks to her unparalleled accomplishments.

see4 Get A Complete List of Top Women Boxers in the world in 2024

3. The Serrano Amanda

Known for holding world titles in several weight divisions, 28-year-old Amanda Serrano is a formidable and adaptable boxer from Puerto Rico.

A prominent figure in women’s boxing, Serrano has garnered a lot of attention from fans with her captivating fighting style. She is known for her knockout power and technical skill. Numerous noteworthy accomplishments have been attained by Amanda Serrano:

Having won a major title in seven different weight classes in January 2019, she became just the second boxer from Puerto Rico to have done so. Her victories in October 2016 and January 2019 were secured in four different weight classes.

4. Seniesa Estrada

The thirty-one-year-old American boxer Seniesa Estrada has established herself in the flyweight and light flyweight classes thanks to her blazing speed and accuracy. Estrada is regarded as one of the best female boxers in the sport because of her lightning-fast combinations and superb defense.

There have been twenty-five fights for Seniesa. She’s remarkably undefeated in all 25 of these matches, having prevailed via knockout in nine of them. Given that she has never lost or drawn in her professional boxing career, Estrada is clearly the best in the business. Notable accomplishments for Seniesa Estrada include: • Becoming the WBA Female Minimumweight Champion in March 2021.

Former WBC Silver Champion for Women in Light Flyweight: 2018–2021.

• 2019–2020 Female WBA Interim Flyweight Champion in the past.

• In 2020, against Miranda Adkins, the fastest knockout in women’s boxing was achieved in 7 seconds.

clkj Get A Complete List of Top Women Boxers in the world in 2024

5. The Mayer Mikaela

American boxer Mikaela Mayer, 33, is well-known for her accomplishments in the lightweight and super featherweight classes. Recognized for her tactical acumen, advantage in height, and boxing strategy.

Holding multiple titles and keeping a strong presence in the ring, Mayer has made a name for herself in this sport. Being one of the best female boxers in the world is a result of her achievements and fighting style.

The WBO and IBF female titles were held by Mayer from 2020 to November 2021, when she lost both in October 2022. She was the Unified Super Featherweight World Champion.

• In February 2021, The Ring ranked her as the tenth best active female fighter in the world, pound for pound, and BoxRec ranked her as the third-best super featherweight active woman in the world.

6. Explain Person

One of the most reputable names in women’s lightweight boxing is 29-year-old Belgian Delfine Persoon. Held world titles and praised for her unwavering fighting style, Persoon is well-known for her perseverance and unwavering will to win. When it comes to competing, she is a fierce fighter who never gives up.

With 52 bouts overall, 48 victories (19 by knockout) and 3 defeats for Delfine Persoon.

She won the IBF female lightweight title in 2012. These are her main accomplishments.

• Retained the title of WBC female lightweight champion from June 2014 to June 2019.

• As of September 2020, according to BoxRec, she is the best active female super-featherweight in the world.

• Top-ranked active female lightweight according to The Ring; top-ranked active female pound for pound according to BoxRec.

chhj8 jpeg Get A Complete List of Top Women Boxers in the world in 2024

7. Christina Haule

Christina Hammer is a 33-year-old German middleweight boxer who has achieved great success in the sport thanks to her superb technique and tactical fighting approach. Hammer is an accomplished fighter who has won numerous world titles. She is a dangerous opponent because of her jab and ability to manage the pace of the fight.

With 25 victories (11 by KO) and 4 losses from her 30 bouts overall, Christina Hammer is quite the fighter.

These accomplishments put Christina Hammer on the list of the greatest female boxers of all time:

• WBO World Middleweight Championship (2010–2012) and WBO World Super Middleweight Championship (2012–2015) held by the individual, respectively.

• Unbeaten Champion: WBO Middleweight Champion: She successfully defended her title five times, and twice, she even won the WBO Super Middleweight title.

• Alicia Ashley, Ann Wolf, and Femke Dekker were among the notable boxers defeated.

There is a diversity of women from all over the world among the greatest female boxers of all time, according to our research. These women have repeatedly shown that they are unbeatable in the boxing ring, from the unstoppable punches of Claressa Shields to the lightning-fast footwork of Amanda Serrano. Other examples of these women include Christina Hammer, Debbie Persoon, Katie Taylor, and Seniesa Estrada. Many people all around the world have been motivated to follow their dreams and get past any challenges they may have encountered by their accomplishments.

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  1. Which female boxer has the best career record?

    IWBF light heavyweight champion Laila Ali has also defended the titles of female super middleweight from the WBC, WIBA, IWBF, and IBA. Countless people believe her to be the best female boxer of all time, having retired from competition in 2007.

  2. Which female boxer has the greatest career record?

    Claressa Shields, a 28-year-old American boxer with numerous medals and accomplishments, is crowned the best women boxer.

  3. What famous boxer girl from India is she?

    Though she never took part in professional boxing, Mary Kom was a trailblazer in amateur boxing and set new standards. As far as awards, endorsements, and earnings go, Kom was the first amateur in India to surpass multiple professional athletes in 2015. Her achievement is the first Padma Bhushan won by an amateur athlete.


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