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Ola Electric MoveOS 3 now has proximity unlock, party mode, and much more

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In June of this year, Ola Electric released the MoveOS 2. The firm has now revealed that the MoveOS 3 will go on sale soon. The MoveOS 3 beta sign-up period will begin on October 25 and end with a public roll-out in December. Numerous new features are included.

When the Ola S1 Pro was initially released, some of these characteristics were already hinted at. With each new MoveOS release, these functionalities are now gradually being added. These are the MoveOS 3 features that Ola Electric has disclosed.

Ola Electric MoveOS 3 further mode details

Party mode will be introduced by the latest software release. The lights will therefore sync up with the music when the scooter is playing. Tesla automobiles have been observed to have a similar feature.


The individual no longer has to continue sharing the passcode if the S1 is being used as a family scooter or as a shared scooter. Multiple profiles setup have been added to MoveOS 3. Additionally, while riding the scooter, widgets can display a variety of information on the screen.

In accordance with the rider’s selected mood, the scooter would be able to play acceleration sounds. Ola Electric has two moods available: Bolt and Vintage. While the Vintage mode will sound like vintage scooters and include vintage analogue dials on the instrument cluster, the Bolt mode is anticipated to have a futuristic sound and theme.

Call warnings may be displayed on the scooter’s display, and an automated response could be delivered to the caller using the auto-reply capability. Now that it had storage, the scooter could keep papers there. In this case, the rider is not required to physically carry them. The registration certificate, insurance, licence, etc., can all be kept on hand.

Vacation mode is used when the scooter user is going on vacation and won’t be using the scooter for a while. The electric scooter’s battery, according to Ola Electric, may last up to 200 days in this mode.

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Through software updates, Ola Electric has also increased the speed of the scooters. According to the manufacturer, the Sports Mode and the Hyper Mode both have better acceleration.

Up until this point, the scooter’s owner had to either input a password or launch an application on their phone to unlock it. The Proximity Unlock feature, however, has just been implemented. The rider wouldn’t have to launch the application or enter a passcode. It will automatically unlock and lock if the user is close to the scooter.

When the scooter stops on an incline, Hill Hold Control will hold it. This should make climbing the hill simpler. Up until this point, the scooter would roll back a fair distance because it would take a moment for the throttle input to be registered.

Hypercharging is a feature of MoveOS 3. As a result, it takes just 15 minutes to fully charge an electric scooter for 50 kilometers. 50 Hyperchargers have been installed as of now, and Ola Electric is adding more. The position of the hypercharge may be seen on Ola Electric’s app.

Additionally, there are other aspects about which Ola Electric has not provided much information. Some of them are rather simple to understand, while others require more background information. These features include ride reports, Smart mode, warning lighting, automatic OTA updates, and enhanced regeneration.

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