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Warrior Nun (Season 2):  Netflix’s Fantasy Drama Series has confirmed the Release Date 

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The Warrior Nun has officially declared the release date for the second season. After debuting one year of the first season on Netflix, it is coming back for the second installment. Warrior Nun is  Netflix’s one of the much-anticipated fantasy drama series that is based on the comic book series of that exact same by Ben Dunn. This series is directed by Simon Barry. The production of the series is executed by the original team of Game of Thrones. 

Warrior Nun(Season 2): Renewal Status 

After the series become released under good authority Warrior Nun was already renewed for the second season. The writers exposed that they already have started planning plus by maximum metrics, and the show also has performed very well. Simon Barry who is known as the showrunner for this series has said that while they had finished the first season they had many more places to go according to the story. After the show become completed they become regrouped Just to discuss their ideas. 


Officially the show becomes renewed on 19th august 2020 with a huge bunch of the cast and crew that are coming together through the virtual call to become confirm the second season that is going to happen officially. 


Warrior Nun: Performance on Netflix 

It has been found that in the last 30 days this series was the third biggest TV series on Netflix in the whole world. After that curse and Dark Desire took the position respectively. 

The series also place at the top position for July globally as the most popular TV  series in the world. 

In the US, the series has ranked 6th position and in the UK it has ranked fourth position. On the first weekend, the series takes place in the second position, it is also beaten out by Unsolved Mysteries. 

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In  Brazil, the Netherlands, and also New Zealand it also has hit for the 1st position. 

Warrior Nun (Season 2): Expectation 

The ending of the first season has left many questions unanswered for the fans. It has exposed the order of the Cruciform Sword’s actual objectives. At last, his real identity is revealed after he has touched her. The actual knights of the order have mistaken him for an angel after he has successfully killed a Tarask monster that has followed him out of a demonic portal. 

After hiding himself in the Tomb of the Vatican, Adriel also had hidden the halo in the Original Warrior Nun and created the order and provided him protection from heaven. After his tomb becomes escaped, Adrial has sought to regain the halo from the Order and also move with his nefarious plans. 

It is reported that having with the gusto, shotgun Mary also had overwhelmed through the possessed powers of Adrial and left Ava and also her other sisters to take the Adrial with his small army of Wrath Demons.



It is expected that in the coming season we may see Ava and the Order that is bringing the battle to Adriel. The devil now has exposed himself to the entire world, instead of staying alone, the forces of heaven can descend over the Vatican and provide assistance to the Order. 

After becoming outmatched with the power, for the time being, Ava’s efficiency as the warrior Nun is also developing. After getting enough time, Ava just like becomes more than a match in the battle against Adriel and also his demonic powers. 

It also has a little issue due to the betrayal of Father Vincent, which has led to the demise of sister Shanon. We will like to say that the girls may attend cardinal sin if they are seeking the issue of wrathful vengeance along with their former mentor. Simon Barry also has teased that he guesses that they had to hold back so many secrets like away in the first season. The main fact that they now have the cat is out of the bag, so to speak like the mythology series. He thinks that it would be very exciting to take the journey and also unpack what they had revealed. 

This season reveals the appearance of Adriel, the relationship neither his Father Vincent and also the stakes that have changed for Ava and the other sister warriors. For him, it is seriously a building on what they had done in the first season and hopefully, also do a better job in season 2. 


Warrior Nun (Season 2): Release Date

It is expected that the audience have to wait for a long time for the second season of Warrior Nun to come on Netflix and it may arrive in 2022 very soon. The shooting of the first season had taken between 11th March 2019 and 5th July 2019. After that, it had taken an entire full year to arrive. 

In June 2021 the showrunner exposed many images in Spain of the location scouting. At last Warrior Nun Season, 2 has confirmed the release date on 10th November 2022. 

This location scouting is nothing but visiting several locations that have mapped out the scenes where it has yet to be shot. At this stage, the show is mainly at the pre-production point with the scripts written and also just planned that take place which is very important to ensure this smooth production. 

David Hayter shared on his Twitter account that he had spent 6 months shooting from May 2021 for the production of the series. 

The filming got underway, according to Simon Barry, on 26th July 2021. On 6th August Barry also posted a very moody picture from the set of Warrior Nun season 2. The principal unit of Warrior Nun got wrapped up in the shooting on 3rd November. 

In the Tweet Barry said: 

“That is a wrap on Warrior Nun main unit s2! thanks to our amazing crew and cast that give 100% every day. Thank you, Madrid, for being such a wonderful home, and to Netflix % Gresco Film Services for supporting our crazy vision. Can’t wait to share the epic s2 with everyone!” 

In late February 2022, Simron Barry provided an update on the process. While asked where season 2 was on Twitter, Barry responded: 

“It’s in several thousand small digital parts in a massive Netflix server, being reassembled by brilliantly talented artists who need to shape it just right so that it melts your brain in the desired fashion we imagined” 

Simon Barry also shared several behind-the-scenes looks at Warrior Nun S2. “Happy New Year from #WarriorNun- we can’t wait to share Season 2 wit6h you in 2022!” 

Warrior Nun. (L to R) Alba Baptista as Ava Silva, Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice in episode 204 of Warrior Nun. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Warrior Nun (Season 2): New Cast 

Last year in October, some  word got out that three new casts had been included in the second season 

The names are: 

Meena Tayann- She will play the role of Yashmini Amunet a Coptic Nun who is a journalist and a scholar. 

Jack Mullarkey-  Jack will play the role of Miguel a mysterious activity who just get wind of Ava’s mission.  

Richard Clothier- Richard will play the role of Cardinal William Foster who becomes the second in command at the Vatican. 

Apart from them, we will also see Christian Stamm as Cardinal Gunter, Nico XCo0nde as Hans, and Ella Kweku. 

Here is the trailer: 

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