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Here’s the salary cap of each club in La Liga for the 2022–23 season

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Football is one of the most financially lucrative sports in the world, hence its financial aspects are frequently in the news. Recent changes to LaLiga’s club salary ceiling have sparked debate over the fairness of funding for large and small clubs. Before we delve too further into it, let’s first look more carefully into what the LaLiga salary cap is.

The amount that teams are permitted to spend on the salaries of players, employees, and other associates is established by LaLiga administrators. La Liga determines the cap by tallying the club’s earnings and total outlays, which include everything from debt repayment to operating expenses. LaLiga received a lot of attention last season due to its restrictions on FC Barcelona, which prohibited the team from renewing Lionel Messi’s contract.

Here is the list of most recent LaLiga salary cap now figures for each club:

Elche: €42.672 million


Elche’s passionate performances throughout the season last year far beyond all expectations. Despite having the lowest pay budget the previous season, they ended in 13th place despite being predicted to be demoted. Their salary cap has been decreased from 44.731 million to 42.672 million this season, and they are once again expected to be relegated.

Girona:  €42.725 million

In preparation for the 2022–23 season, Girona, one of the newly promoted clubs this year, has made significant investments. Their salary budget increased significantly from 9.359 million last season to 42.725 million. Girona will be seeking to build on its successful campaign from the previous year and compete fiercely at the top level this year.

What is the LaLiga 2022–23 salary cap for each club?
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Cadiz: €45.977 million

Last year, Cadiz came very close to being demoted. They were in the danger zone up to the very last game, but they managed to avoid being embarrassed. It’s interesting to note that their salary cap has dropped this season from 47.602 to 45.977. If they are lucky this time or not, it will be interesting to see.

Real Valladolid: €46.686 million

Another recently promoted team, Real Valladolid, is owned by La Liga icon Ronaldo Nazario. They earned an automatic promotion by finishing second in Segunda Division. They had the highest salary cap in the Segunda Division last year with a total of 29.826 million.

RCD Mallorca: €49.692 million

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RCD Mallorca had seesaw fortunes during the season and placed 16th last year. Mallorca struggled to maintain consistency during the season and was at one point predicted to be relegated. They will be looking to advance this season as their payroll cap has raised to 49.692 million from 48.210 million.

Rayo Vallecano: €49.903 million

Rayo Vallecano has experienced a modest increase in their salary cap this year after finishing 12th in the league the previous year. They also advanced to the Copa del Rey semifinals the year before, and this time they hope to do even better.

What is the LaLiga 2022–23 salary cap for each club
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Almeria: €50.749 million

Last season, Almeria won the Segunda Division championship, and their salary cap has grown by nearly five times. They excelled in the second division despite having a small pay budget, and they will be hoping for some passionate performances against stronger opponents.

CA Osasuna: €52.134 million

Despite not having a well-known player on their side last season, CA Osasuna showed amazing spirit. Although their salary cap has dropped from 56.430 million to 52.134 million, they still intend to perform well and defy expectations.

Celta Vigo: €63.855 million

Despite having a very modest salary cap, Celta Vigo, a well-known team in Spain’s top league, has been achieving successful results for years. Last season, they had a 66.447 million dollar salary cap and placed 11th.

Getafe: €69.070 million

After narrowly avoiding relegation the previous season, Getafe has demonstrated genuine determination throughout the summer transfer window. They placed 15th overall in the standings and narrowly avoided relegation. Last season, they had a 64.688 million dollar payroll budget.

RCD Espanyol: €72.737 million

RCD Espanyol’s payroll cap was impacted this season as a result of their dismal 2021–22 campaign. Last season, they came in at number 14, much behind where they should have been and what they were capable of. It will be a challenging season for Espanyol this time around due to increasing competition.

Valencia: €75.836 million

Valencia used to be regarded as one of the heavyweights of the Spanish league, but in recent years, their prominence has declined. Last season, they came in ninth, and they even had to fire their manager. They will be looking for a turnaround now that Gennaro Gattuso is in charge for this season.

Real Betis: €96.725 million

Real Betis won the Copa del Rey last season and also had a standout LaLiga performance. Despite having a low wage cap of 61.254 million, they were able to place fifth and take home a trophy. They will be attempting to crack the top four this season with a higher cap.

Athletic Bilbao: €127.120 million

Last season, Athletic Bilbao came dangerously close to not playing in Europe. They were only four points away from earning a spot in the Europa Conference League. Despite possessing a salary cap of more than $100 million, fans might not be happy with eighth place.

Real Sociedad: €111.230 million

Real Sociedad finished the previous season in sixth place and will contend for a Champions League position this year. Their star player, Mikel Oyarzabal, scored 15 goals across all competitions. Their salary cap has virtually doubled this season by 20 million dollars.

Villarreal: €151.206 million

Villarreal’s 2021–22 season was a fascinating one. They struggled in the league and nevertheless managed to finish seventh, but in the Champions League, they defeated powerhouses like FC Bayern and advanced to the semi-finals. After having their salary cap increased, they will be looking to demonstrate this in League in a greater way.

Sevilla: €199.855 million

Sevilla has long been the largest team in LaLiga behind the three titans, and they placed fourth last season as well. Although they have lost important players like Jules Kounde and Diego Carlos, their salary cap is almost the same this season.

Atletico Madrid: €341.040 million

Atletico Madrid has a doubled payroll cap for this season after battling the effects of a pandemic in the previous two seasons. The team’s financial situation has been repaired thanks to the return of the supporters, and they will be aiming to translate this into a solid showing on the field.

What is the LaLiga 2022–23 salary cap for each club?
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FC Barcelona: €656.429 million

The major feature of LaLiga’s list this season has been FC Barcelona’s statistics. They struggled financially the previous year and were unable to sign new players because of a negative salary cap of $144.353 million. However, after selling the name rights to Camp Nou and other assets, its new president Joan Laporta had done a fantastic job of turning things around.

Real Madrid: €683.462 million

Real Madrid has the biggest wage cap this year, and their continued financial stability in the face of the pandemic says a lot about their management. Although their salary ceiling shrank this year from 739.163 million to 683.462 million, they did lose high-earners like Gareth Bale and Marcelo.

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