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All the 7 Best New Films hit on Netflix in August 2022 

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This July is coming to an end, it means many new shows are ready to the door on Netflix. Among them we just selected 7 must-watched picks for the month, it also contains 3 Netflix Original films coming universally, and 4 licensed titles head to hit on Netflix US. We wish you are also interested to see the full list in August 2022. 

These titles are just only for Netflix, in the United States, and also depending on the availability in some other regions. There might be Uncharted again but in the interest of not repeating ourselves, we may skip containing it here. 

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3. Day Shift 

Release Date on Netflix: 12th August 2022 

JJ Perri is mainly directing what it’s mainly looking like as a frankly ridiculous but potentially some of the high-action comedy along with Jamie Foxx who is leading the cast along with Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco, and Karla Souza. 

The story is based on a hard-working blue-collar father who just desires to give a good life to his quick-witted daughter but his mundane San Fernando valley pool also cleaning job in the front for his actual source of income, hunting and also murdering vampires as a part of an international Union of vampire hunters. 

2. Look Both Ways 

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Release Date on Netflix: 17th August 2022 

the series of events is just leading her for a pregnancy test on the night just ahead of her graduation. While she has seen the results, apart from sharing the real, the story takes twists and splits in two different directions as Natalie envisions her possible future. As Natalie become excited to do her dream job in LA. She has met with a new man that seems to hit it off like she can move back home to Austin from where she trying to navigate got being a young first-time mother, and also dancing the motherhood to be head-on.  

Now, both features and Natalie face ups and downs when living her possible lives. In this, each future shares some common things like they both can watch Natalie experience some life-changing love, pursue her dream career to become an artist, and wants to rediscover herself. After watching the trailer, the viewers can also expect to be a lighthearted rom-com that also can present some big questions like Natalie set to move along her parallel lives. The new trailer also reveals we will never know completely what actualities are ahead, now ignoring the number of “what is” we ask ourselves”. Reinhart played the role of helping to bring a promising film to the table. 

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1. Seoul Vibe 

Release Date on Netflix: 26th August 2022 

It shows the huge Korean film on the way on Netflix globally in August and we also had such a rough time selecting which one may feature in this list but mainly hit on Seoul Vibe. 

The story is based on the drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team who also can dream of the American Dream that become admired as in a VIP slush fund for the investigation while their can gets an offer that can’t even reject in this complete speed chasing action thriller set in 1988. 

The titles are also on Netflix in the United States along with the other available regions. We also feature that uncharted again but, in the interest, of not repeating ourselves, we can skip containing it again. 

Best Licensed Film on Netflix this August 2022

These titles are on Netflix in the US along with the other regions available with a variety.


4. Dope 

Release Date on Netflix:11th August 2022 

This is mainly coming of age comedy adaptation that become a cult hit since it was dropped 7 years before. The geek named Malcolm just fighting a survival battle with their tough surroundings. We should note that Rick Famuyiwa who is able to wait and direct Dope now working on Netflix named Past Midnight. On RotenTomatoes the film is nothing but a slam sunk with critics and audiences. 

These Larson who is from Nerdophiles told at the time, “Dope stands out as both a comedy as well as a dramatic film written about teens growing up in this generation.” 

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3. The Nice Guys 

Release Date on Netflix: 11th August 2022 

Ryan Gosling recently builds a huge Netflix debut with the Gray Man, but you also can watch him on Netflix in one of the best films ever produced in the form of The Nice Guts that coming on Netflix US this August. 

The crime-action comedy just features Russell Crowed and is based on a pair of private detectives investigating the death of the porn star. 

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2. Men In Black Trilogy (1997-2012) 

Release Date on Netflix: 1st August 2022 

The second and most outstanding trilogy headed in August is the men in Black franchiser that was featured by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The loveliest film that follows a secret organization with such policies and monitors along with all the things terrestrial interactions on the Earth. The film is often set to batshit insanity but what about all of that part and the charm. 

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1. Spider-Man (2002-2007) 

Release Date on Netflix: 1st August 2022 

In this August there are two such trilogies set to this August is mainly Raimi trilogy that left as beloved and relevant over the two eras after the first film was landed. It contains many attributes along with the film like the catalysts that make the comic book sequel the powerhouse that they look today. 

Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3 also going to participate this August, and there will be a host of other Spider-Man content on Netflix. 

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