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John Wick 4: Keanu Reeves; baba Yaga looping in the Front and Center 

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John Wick comes with the latest chapter 4 spin-off with chapter 4.  It was 2014 when Keanu Reeves first gunned and appeared as John Wick, At that time no one even imagine that it becomes a series. Most importantly Keanu Reeves has surprised the entire crowd at San Diego Comic-Con with a completely fresh look, who is always ready to battle. In the new footage, Keanu Reeves is looking more dominating. 

After getting appeared into the Comic-Con panel with the title, “BRZRKR, Reeves just crashed with Collider’s Directors on Directing panel in Hall H on Friday night, where ‘John Wick 4’ according to the director Chad Stahelski debuted the footage. 

John Wick

The new trailer unveils Chad Stahelski, Tim Miller, and Andrew Stanton. In the new poster, Keanu Reeves appear front and centre with nun chucks. John Wick is doing the thing that suits them best and performing revenge through any weapon he also can get his hands on. In April, some footage confirmed that the latest instalment of the movie is quite sure that contain more skull also bashing, and gun-fu than the last chapters. 


John Wick 4: Production Status 

Let’s back to 2021, while a text was just sent to subscribers and confirmed John Wick: Chapter 4 had started to roll the cameras. Shamier Anderson just confirmed that the production begins later that day having an image from the set. The major parts of filming John Wick: Chapter 4 action in the New York City, and the filming just taking place in Berlin and Paris just ahead of the additional photography takes place in Japan and New York, We also have learned that Lionsgate’s main plan for shoot John Wick 4 and John Wick 5 one after another under hold due to the pandemic.

After several delays, the makers expected they will only get John Wick 4 by the end of summer 2022, but fortunately filming ended in November 2021. 

We can’t get any official plot details for John Wick: Chapter 4, but there is a lot of information that boost our expectation. The movie will continue after an explosive conclusion to John Wick 3 that revealed John who is completely isolated from the organization of the assassin popular as the High Table. 

image 561
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While the consortium’s leadership thinks John is no more, for this the credit goes to Winston who just shot him off from the roof of a building, but the reality is he was injured badly on caring for The Bowery King. In an interview, Fishburne revealed that the latest film, seems like every entry before it, and it just strives to dig deeper deep into the mythology, and definitely the knowledge of this world. 

The entire audience eagerly waiting after the third chapter in 2019. The title of chapter 3 was, “John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum”, which always be a box-office hit starring some ninjas riding motorcycles battling in New York City horse stables. Halle Berry fiving instructions to the duo who are deadly terrifying Herman Shepards. 

The last time we have seen Stahelski expressed he had, “no fucking idea” about the process on top of the stunts from the last outing of Wick. In the last interview, Stahelski said, “there have been a couple of days where I’ve decided to do number four and I’ve woken up in a cold sweat going, ‘Horses! How do I beat horses?” 

Stahelski said in an interview no matter what, Chapter 4 will not have a happy ending.

image 562


John Wick 4: Cast 

In the fourth chapter of the John Wick film, we will see Laurence Fishermen, Lance Reddick, Rina Sawayama, Donnie Yen, Shamier Anderson, Bill Sarsgaard, and Hiroyuki Sanada, Scott Adkins, and Clancy Brown. Ian McShane also comes in the role of Winston who is the manager of the Continental Hotel. 

John Wick 4: Release Date 

“John Wick-Chapter 4” has set to hit the theaters on 24th March 2023. 

Here is the full trailer: 

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