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Sports stars who love to gamble

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It is no surprise that sports stars love competition and the thrill, playing sports can provide. Therefore, it may not be so strange that many sports stars love to gamble. Here are some examples of sports stars who are also known for their expensive gambling habits. 

If you are bitten by sports, it can be hard to let off the thrill and excitement any sports match can provide. For many years, it has been forbidden to bet online if you are affiliated with a sports team, but it has become common knowledge that even the biggest football stars love to play FIFA in their free time. And it is also known that a lot of sports stars are quite good at sports betting as well because they know how to read the game.

Basketball legend Charles Barkley

Famous sports personalities have usually made a lot of money and therefore have a large fortune and expensive habits, such as gambling, and the basketball legend Charles Barkley is no exception. He is known for using a lot of time gambling during his career. He has both won large sums and unfortunately lost a great deal of money.

He has been quite open about his gambling problems. In an interview with ESPN, he claimed to have lost $ 10 million while also playing basketball. Back in 2007, it was reported that he had won $700,000 one weekend through a combination of Super Bowl betting and blackjack games. But during another trip to Vegas, he also lost $2,5 million, and it is therefore uncertain whether he won enough to pay off his debt.

Former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr

Another sports legend who is known for his gambling is the former American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. He hasn’t been shy about his gambling either. Just look up his social media where he often shares his love for gambling and details of his bets, including his great wins and jackpots. It is still uncertain how much he has won or lost, but with a fortune of at least $560 million, he can afford to lose more than once.

The Interest in gambling and sports betting is increasing as it becomes easier and easier to gamble online, and this is reflected in both sports stars and ordinary citizens. It has never been easier and more accessible to bet, and therefore it makes sense that the online casinos are right now paving the way. Popular online casino like Casumo are rising in popularity, and this is also since the selection of games has become very wide – there is something for every taste and every need – which also means that more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

Football player Wayne Rooney

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It can be dangerous to chase a win while trying to make up for lost money. This has former Manchester player Wayne Rooney learned the hard way. Once, he has lost over 500,000 pounds in two hours trying to make up for earlier losses. He ended up losing 4,000 pounds per minute. Although this event didn’t ruin him, it ended up doing great damage to his marriage. He is another example of how bad it can go if you are not careful and take the necessary precautions before you start playing with real money.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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