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Vikrant Rona: K Sudeep, and Jacqueline Fernandez coming for a mysterious Dark-Thriller film 

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The Kannada actor Sudeep Rona drops a new trailer of the upcoming film Vikrant Rona which was released in several languages on Thursday. In this film, Sudeep just participates the pan-India bandwagon that seems to become a trade mantra with makers of the mainstream film all over the country. 

Before it going to be available for the fans the makers of Vikrant Rona just organized a   special screening of the trailer based on the media earlier this day. The new trailer has such quite an impression on those who had previously seen it in the 3D format. 

Vikrant Rona

After watching the trailer, Vikrant Rona also has such strong comic-book flair. The new promises start with a very conventional path along with a female narrator who has been introduced to such a strange land-based by sea. The land has been located just beyond the hills and surrounded by a dense forest that seems like one of the wettest places on the earth. It’s raining continuously, which mainly creates a strange atmosphere bathing that gloomy blue. The story of the film is mainly based on three things: the fear of people who can inhabit the mysterious land and also a sinister and along with a phantom that seems like enjoying the status of the legend. 

image 650

Vikrant Rona: Plot 

The 3D trailer opens with a ship, and a man is running along a woody deck, exploring a wetty dark rainy forest with a torch in his hand, suddenly an indigenous weapon comes towards him it’s another fact that he is able to dodge it. The female voice tells the story about a village and also a villager who is very strange. The villagers are trying to hide a frightening story that has a connection with the village and definitely the villagers. It’s true you can hide the story, not the fear.

The twist comes while that unknown story once again started as the fear once again returned to the heart of the villagers. Now the trailer introduces K Sudeep aka Vikrant Rona as some children show him the village. The main place of the village based on which daring story has revolved around, K Sudeep visits that place that seems like a tunnel with green patches on the walls.  

image 649

There is only one man, Baadshah Kicha Sudeepa ka Vikrant Rona who has no fear in his heart, who entries with a bullet bike to solve the mystery. After exploring the village and the station he reveals it is more like a ‘Chakrabyuha’ than a place. While he visits the village, he faces an unknown and terrible creature that just jump at him he has defeated it, and asks who is it? Jacqueline Fernandez appears in a bold look who is praising his bravery of him.

In between them the dead body of an inspector Suresh Krishna has been found in the well. Like the inspector, many people have disappeared overnight in the village. After arriving at him the story takes another turn, and the action scenes really give you some goosebumps, now the main question is if the Vikrant Rona will be able to defeat the devil or not. 

image 651

Vikrant Rona: Cast

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Sudeep’s new Vikrant Rona just features Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Ravishankar Gowda, Madhusudan Rao, Vasuki Vaibhav, and the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez. 

Sana Farzeen said, “The trailer of Vikrant Rona may seem like an average watch when you see it at home. Its magic comes alive only while you wear the 3D glasses and watch it on the big screen. Kiccha Sudeep once again portrays a broody character who also has his own attitude and charm,” 

Vikrant Rona: Release Date 

The film has yet to hit on 28th July 2022 only in 3D theatres. 

Here is the trailer: 

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