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Do Ms. Marvel’s Superpowers have some connection with Captain Marvel’s classic comics tech?? 

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The superhuman powers of Kamala Khan already worked for the MCU, the brand-new episode of Disney Plus’s Ms. Marvel series was also set up to expose that might connect the hero ad also her abilities to the real Captain Marvel from Marvel’s comic books. 

At first, Kamala may not think all that much of the vintage bangle as she can get in the wrapping as a gift from her grandmother Sana in Ms. Marvels in the first episode. While they really put it on, she definitely feels that there is much more for the heirloom than the meets in the eye. Additionally, on transporting Kamala to the other plane taking bath in neon light, the bangle just opens up her power to make a glowing construct with an unidentified power that arrives within her. 

In the short time the moment, while Kamala got her hands put on the bangle, she has mainly focused try to figure out what thing she might do with it and the reason behind getting the power from her average grandmother a strange as no one in their family got it before. Kamala is very busy with the wedding of her brother in Ms. Marvel’s third and latest episode, “Destined”, she is unable to find the answers to all of her questions.


The “Destined” going to establish some history that might feel too much like Ms. Marvel’s style in fetching Kamala’s destiny towards the legacy with the comic book heroes as she is bearing the mantle. 

Before fixing, “Destiny” first focuses on the life of Kamala and first opens in an important moment n 1942 while her great-grandmother Aisha and the group of the explorers last long and keep the bangle in a temple in a place in British-dominating India.

It has not exposed how the bangle comes there, but what Aisha, and also her companion Najma and everyone just present that might plainly watch was that the corpse had attached become the conspicuous shade of blue just like the Kree aliens, seen in Captain Marvel. 

Now Aisha and others already know that they do have not that much time to check thoroughly and check if both of the bangles had been hidden there, and the building just came down, this is the reason behind the separation and unsurely of the golden treasure. 

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The time when Ms. Marvel reveals in the flashback, Kamala is hearing it from Najma directly in the present. Kamala has no reason for suspecting that Najma had anything more than her crush, Kamran’s mother, due to all of the strange things happening to her personally, it has not literally shocked Kamala to learn that Najma is not a human. However, Najma, Kamran, and all of the other Aisha’s traveling friends just give their identity as Clan Destine as a subset of long-living, djinn-like beings feature their home in another dimension. 

If you give a close look at the Marvel comics then you may see clan Destines with a family of humans who has several magical powers that stem from one of their   English predecessors and fulfill the wish of immortality via a green-skinned djinn whom he had   

Eventually married with. In Ms. Marvel, Najma is saying about Clan Destines as a family and also implying that they are considering her an ally attached for helping them to return to their home by using the abilities of the bangles. 

While other “Destines” focuses on Aamir’s wedding Kamala is busy keeping her secret life as a vigilante to be hidden from her biological family. Kamala Khan the title of Ms. Marvel belongs to Carol Danvers until she just gave up to become the new Captain Marvel that’s a codename adopted first time by the Kree soldier Mar-Vell. After Mar-Vell proves himself a new red and black costume featured by a pair of golden bracelets that are known as the Nega-Bands. 

We can say that it can be possible to manipulate different forms of energy as the Nega-bands has generated some problem for the hero as they have built a connection at the Negative Zone that allows Mar-Vell to be transported and trapped there. The situation didn’t until Rick Jones, a longtime human friend of the Avengers had happened upon and also donned another set of Nega-Bands that green Mar-Vell temporarily from the Negative Zone.

Now, Jones and Mar-Vell settle into a strange that just double life from where they would periodically use third Nega-Bands for switching places on Earth and also in the Negative Zone for several hours at a time. That just makes things possible for both of them for operating as superheroes. 

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On captain Marvel #29 played by Jim Starlin, Mar-Vell’s heroics and already substantial power levels become a part of what actually gives a push to Eon. As a Protector of the Universe becomes synonymous along with the possession of Eon’s Quantum Bands having such a pair of energy that’s directing bracelets and have more than Modern Nega-Bands of Kree design jut modeled after. 

Ms. Marvel just comes up with a new way for its hero to hold her own battle, in mark Gruenwald, Paul Ryan, and Pul Benton’s Quasar #1 along with an untrained Vaughn more or less can use the Quantum Bands for making such fast- shaped builds having the same wat like Kamala.

Ms. Marvel is just clear that the powers of Kamala are mainly generating all of that energy on her steam, which indicates her bangle is not a direct analog with either the Nega-Bands or the Quantum bands. It also provided how solid a job Ms. Marvel finished so far working in a clever way in the bits of pieces of all such different tales that just laid things groundwork for Kamala as a hero, it is not quite surprising if her bangle is playing a key role in upcoming MCU shows. 

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