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On World Music Day, Zee Theatre’s stars talk about how music has shaped their life and craft

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Director Akarsh Khurana and actor Varun Badola discuss why they are passionate about music

For lovers of music, nothing equals the magic of a favourite song, an evocative lyric and a melodious interlude for it can silence the chatter in the mind and fill a gloomy day with sunshine. On World Music Day, director Akarsh Khurana and well-known actor Varun Badola share what music has meant to them and how it has impacted their personal and artistic journey. 

On World Music Day, Zee Theatre’s stars talk about how music has shaped their life and craft

Akarsh Khurana

Akarsh who is a part of Zee Theatre’s teleplay Dhumrapaan, Stand Up and The Job says, “Well, I’m obsessed with music. I’m constantly listening to it. While working also, I take a very keen interest in how musicality can enhance it. I usually lock musical tracks and then I rehearse or shoot to the tune of those. I also listen to music while writing and a sense of melody and rhythm is very critical to my process.”


“As far as favourite songs go, that is an extremely difficult question to answer because there are so many. But if I want to slow down or feel calm, I listen to artists like Blackstratblues, Emancipator, Pretty Lights, Tajdar Junaid or quiet jazz. Thanks to apps like Spotify, there is so much more music to discover now.”

Varun Badola

Varun Badola who is a part of Zee Theatre’s teleplay Wrong Turn comes from a musically inclined family and says, “We grew up around a lot of good music and literature and my father happened to be a pretty good vocalist. He had a brilliant voice and in some way, I have inherited his passion for music and singing though I cannot claim to be as good as him.”

“Also, I have a very diverse taste when it comes to music and I listen to various genres from all over the world. My love for music also impacts my work as an actor because I am always in search of the right ‘sur’ or rhythm in a role and once I find it, the whole performance flows like a cohesive melody. As far as my all time favorite song goes, it is ‘Main Shayar Badnaam’ from the film ‘Namak Haraam’.”

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