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What the Fitness Industry Can Learn From Gaming?

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Both the gaming and the fitness industry are big businesses, but many people assume that they are worlds apart in what they offer their customers. There aren’t many people that would put the two industries together in working practices, but actually, they have plenty of similarities. Both industries are successful in their own right – but what can the fitness industry learn from gaming?

The Importance of Fun

Betway recently looked at a number of the most popular computer games and what effect they had on the body when people played them. Over a number of 90-minute sessions, it was discovered that many of the games burned high numbers of calories and increased people’s heart rate. The great thing about this is that it creates a way for people to work out and burn calories without them even realising they’re doing so. Working out in a fun way is one of the best ways to stick to a routine and get the most out of your exercise regimes.

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Creating Movement at Home


People tend to think of workouts as needing to be a run around the park or a lengthy session at the gym and this commitment puts them off. The fitness industry would do well in encouraging people to move their bodies more at home – showing them that a few minutes here & there is better than no movement at all.

How To Make the Most out of Technology

Computer games have come on leaps and bounds over recent years thanks to changing technology. This means that people are now more involved in gaming & it is this that has created the need for movement while they’re enjoying a gaming session. Changing technology is what has helped keep gaming audiences interested – as people get excited about what the next game will be or what new additions will be added to games they love. The fitness industry could create similar feelings with competitive games surrounding motivation & fitness, in a similar way to computer games and various league tables.

Immersive Experiences Make the Difference

One thing that games have enjoyed over recent years is the opportunity to get more involved in games & enjoy the experience with their friends. Multiplayer gaming is massively popular, and this could help when it comes to motivating people to play more often – great news for those interested in burning calories. Creating ways for people to share their fitness journey with friends for support and friendly competition has worked really well for the fitness industry too.

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The two industries may not be ones that you would instantly pair together. However, when you consider that you burn nearly 200 calories playing 90 minutes of some of the most popular computer games it is easy to see why they could work better together. Workouts which are creative, and fun are definitely some of the best ways to keep people motivated and coming back for more & computer games are one angle that could help with that.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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