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Top 10 Premier League club records in 2022

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English Premier League is known as one of the most popular and challenging football clubs leagues in the world. Here we are talking about the special 10 Premier League club records by most orders.

In this article, we are only talking about those top positive PL records, which the clubs have inscribed in most figures.

Top 10 Premier League club records by most orders (updated till 2021/22 PL season)

Most consecutive home wins

  • Liverpool: 24 matches (February 2019-July 2020)
Via Liverpool’s Twitter

Liverpool are holding the record for most consecutive home wins in the Premier League history with 24 matches. From 9th February 2019 (vs Bournemouth by 3-0) to 5th July 2020 (vs Aston Villa by 2-0), the Reds won all their 24 PL home matches.

Liverpool’s incredible home PL winning streak finally ended on 11th July 2020 when they had a 1-1 home draw against Burnley.  

Most consecutive home unbeaten

  • Chelsea: 86 matches (March 2004-October 2008)
Premier League
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Chelsea are the Premier League record holder of the most consecutive home unbeaten streak with 86 matches between 20th March 2004 (vs Fulham by 2-1) and 5th October 2008 (vs Aston Villa by 2-0). On 26th October 2008, Liverpool ended Chelsea’s home unbeaten streak with a 1-0 victory result.  

Most consecutive away wins

  • Manchester City: 12 matches (December 2020-May 2021)
Manchester City
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Manchester City are maintaining the most consecutive away wins record in Premier League history. From 19th December 2020 (vs Southampton by 0-1) to 14th May 2021 (vs Newcastle United by 3-4), City won 12 consecutive away PL matches. Finally, the hosts Brighton & Hove Albion ended City’s winning streak by handing them a 3-2 defeat.

Most consecutive away unbeaten

  • Manchester United: 29 matches (February 2020-October 2021)
skysports marcus rashford manchester united 5259577

Manchester United are carrying the Premier League record for most consecutive away unbeaten streak with 29 matches. The Red Devils continued their PL away unbeaten streak between 17th February 2020 (vs Chelsea by 0-2) and 19th September 2021 (vs West Ham United by 1-2).

On 16th October 2021, the hosts Leicester City beat the Red Devils by 4-2 to end that streak.  

Most consecutive wins

  • Manchester City: 18 matches (August 2017– December 2017)
  • Liverpool: 18 matches (October 2019 – February 2020)
Will It Be Manchester City or Liverpool That Lifts the Premier League Trophy?
Liverpool FC vs Manchester City

Manchester City first recorded 18 consecutive Premier League wins between 26th august 2017 (vs Bournemouth by 1-2) and 27th December 2017 (vs Newcastle United by 0-1). On the final day of 2017 (31st December), the hosts Crystal Palace ended City’s PL winning streak with a goalless draw.

Later, Liverpool also equalled Manchester City’s Premier League record of most consecutive wins with 18 matches between 27th October 2019 (vs Tottenham Hotspur by 2-1) and 24th February 2020 (vs West Ham United by 3-2). Watford finally ended that streak with a 3-0 home win on 29th February 2020.

Most consecutive unbeaten

  • Arsenal: 49 matches (May 2003-October 2004)
arsenal champions 2001 2002 v2

Arsenal are holding the Premier League record for the most consecutive unbeaten streak. From 7th May 2003 (vs Southampton by 6-1) to 16th October 2004 (vs Aston Villa by 3-1), Arsenal managed to stay unbeaten in 49 PL games. Finally, the hosts Manchester United handed them a 2-0 defeat on 24th October 2004 to end that incredible unbeaten streak.

Most goals scored in a season

  • Manchester City: 106 goals (2017/18)
Manchester City Wins

Manchester City are the present Premier League record holder of most goals scored in a season. During the entire 2017/18 PL season, the Sky Blues scored a total of 106 goals. It was the fourth time a team scored 100 or more goals in a PL season. 

Most wins in a season

  • Manchester City: 32 matches (2017/18 & 2018/19)
  • Liverpool: 32 matches (2019/20)
Liverpool Manchester City Sadio Mane
Via Liverpool’s Twitter

Talking about most wins in a Premier League season, there are three records of 32 wins in a season. While Manchester City recorded it twice in 2017/18 and 2018/19, Liverpool recorded it once in 2019/20.

Most points in a Premier League season

  • Manchester City: 100 points (2017/18)
manchester city premier league trophy

Manchester City are the only club to record 100 points in a Premier League season in 2017/18. In that competition, City recorded 32 wins with four more draws and two defeats.

Most Premier League titles

  • Manchester United: 13 trophies
manchester united

Manchester United are holding the record of winning most Premier League titles with 13 such trophies. They won the PL trophies in 1992/93, 1993/94, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2002/03, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2010/11 and 2012/13.

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