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The Future Of: Netflix Confirms the Release Date of the Most awaited Series 

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Netflix’s one of the most awaited shows ‘The Future Of’ officially dropped a trailer. The show has confirmed its official release date this June along with a second set of episodes coming on 28th June. The Future Of has provided such a determined look at how everything around us is changing over time as it has been narrated by Jurnee Smollett.

It’s really a show based on everything, and each episode just focuses on the subjects from cheeseburgers and pets to skyscrapers and also about life after death. Undoubtedly, they have provided their best effort with the vision as to how things are changing slowly in near future, and after that, it reveals the wildest futures they could imagine.  

The Future Of

The makers of the show include the people who are working on these concepts right now. But, indeed, reality can’t be denied and we have to remember that none of this in the world is guaranteed. 


In this show, the makers utilize the concepts of science and technology that are not just the things that actually happen. All the people are working on inventing such things, and people also can use those inventions to surprise others, and there is a new world that’s constantly coming into focus like that cycle endlessly repeats. Now, more than anything, we just desired to make a series that definitely made people that provide such possibility of an exciting and hopeful future. 

Some incredible partners are still making the show: Rose Eveleth and also her team at Flash Forward take an entry as the producers of the story and help people to build such a vision of the future that once had rooted in reality and deeply fantastic, and Josh Barry and the entire team at 21 Laps Entertainment provide the help to make those fantastic visions of such figure exciting and also accessible to everyone. 

image 413

There are of course the teams at Vox Media Studios and the Verge who previously worked on the show that has pushed it to become great at each and every turn. 

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The Future Of is set to premiere on Netflix in two batches that fill with six episodes on 21st June, also will about The Future Of: 

  • Dogs 
  • Dating 
  • Houseplants 
  • Gaming 
  • Space vacations 
  • Cheeseburgers 

The second set, on 28th June, will be The Future Of: 

  • Death 
  • Fashion 
  • Skyscrapers 
  • Sports 
  • Health 
  • Headphones 

It’s going to be one of the most exciting projects ever. 

Here is the trailer: 

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