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BTS: The journey of seven boys to Build a famous K-Pop Band

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BTS is now one of the most popular K-Pop bands across the world. In 2016, the band was revealed infront of the world at the Melon Awards. The video that has been shared not looked to be believed with the uncertainty of the BTS leader RM.

It was their first Grand Prize, and such infusing hope in them again as they just had come very close to disbanding. The leader of BTS TM who is known as the most composed and eloquent, that’s baffled in the video as the youngest, Jungkook seated like he will not accept the award till he gets a personal message. At last, the band is walking toward the stage, and emotional BTS leader RM cannot get words to describe his feelings. 


He has given a speech to shout into the microphone and said, “Thank you ARMY, thank you, we love you.” Behind him, J-Hope, Jin, and the usually-reserved Suga just battle with their tears along with the group of shares with a quick hug just before hurrying off to the stage. 


Now we are standing at 2022, and the boys have currently released the latest album Proof which focuses on the nostalgic throwback for nine years. Proof is already breaking records, and it also has dols over the million 3 million physical copies. It is mainly another feat for the Princes Of Pop as they are often dubbed, apart from bagging Billboard Awards’, getting Grammy nods, and being named ambassadors for the UNICEF. 

Now we are going to look back at the journey of those boys. Are these the global superstars really the same boys who are once sporting unusual haircuts and chains, who once spent in the same dormitory and had almost unable to make a music video as they did not have enough money got it? 

Behind the fame of BTS, there is a lot of sweat, hard work, and dedication embedded by the members, they have not got overnight success, the leader RM once said, they have been climbing the ‘mountain’. For all the non- armies it’s a very common question how did seven boys of South Korea just5 transform that K-Pop scene along with much of the relentless vigor as they became synonymous with this category. 

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BTS: Journey to Fame 

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The big hit chairman bang So-hyuk just signed RM for the spot, and they just slowly come together for the team that might grow to become BTS- Min Yoongi, the rapper who becomes the Suga, Jung Hoseok who is a rapper and also a lead dancer. There are the others that contain college student Kim Seokjin, who is mainly meant to be the face of the band as a powerful vocalist along with Kim Taehyung who is a teenager with husky tones.

The friend from school Park Jimin collaborated also along with the golden Maknae named Jeon Jungkook. They also become popular as  Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS, the name means to block out stereotypes, criticism, and expectations that also aim the adolescents just like bullets. 

Now, J-Hope along with his fluid dance moves, Suga and RM along with the hard-hitting raps on Jungkook’s high notes, Jimin’s vocals with Jin and V rounding it all off with the vocals with screen presence. 

By keeping in line with their themes of such anguished youths, the song just crossed all the language barriers and brought much of the anxieties to the fore. Apart from the language, the message for the listeners was very loud and clear and that laid the groundwork for the future success of the band. The song has the ability to charge the atmosphere, packed with whistling such synths and R& B riffs that also set the tone for the despondent. The music video reached the views in 16 hours as it provides such fastest records for any BTS music video at the time. 

In the eye of the hurricane 

It just needs such a glance of the Twitter hashtags after their V-Lives. After giving a look at every music video of them, you can spot innumerable emotional comments just like, “You changed my life BTS. This song gave me hope at a time when I did not believe in anything. You taught me to love myself.” another fan writes, “I’ll never be as emotionally invested in another band as I’ve been in BTS”. 

RM once referred to the fan base as the eye of the hurricane. While everyone asked him why they have such diverse fandom? The hurricane just goes away we will get out. But the hurricane has just been raining consistently for more than seven years now and seems to be picking up more velocity than ever. 

image 416

The different blend of categories just dilled with creative concepts, their effervescent, charismatic, down-to-earth, and cheerful attitudes after being tried timed that had something to do along with the supreme popularity as there is something that’s so incredible about the band that one can’t feel they’re K-Pop idols 

They possess a lot of ability to break the stereotypes and playing the role in declaring the gender constructs. On igniting the brutal attacks from the people who said they are just looking like girls- they show gender-neutral outfits, and they just took chokers, bracelets, cosets, and wore clothes from the women’s collection with popular bands.

In an interview with Amazon Music, the RM said, “We did not have the intention to redefine masculinity or the manly, but it feels good that we can have this positive effect or influence any categories.” he also added, “We are living in a time where labels that we call ‘masculinity’ or’ manly’ are vanishing.” 

BTS reached the top with their talent, unfailing hard work, through their own blood sweat, and years. Other bands also will make the history, but there will be only one BTS, with their empowering success story, whether the hurricane is there or not. 

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