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‘The Sandman’: Netflix’s Geeked Week teaser confirms the Official Release Date of the series 

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Netflix’s Geeked Week is just like a moon in our hand as this event has one by one dropped the trailer of most awaited films and series. We are expecting more biggest announcements in the upcoming days regarding Netflix’s films and series. Recently, Netflix unveils the trailer of the most anticipated series The Sandman. 

The Sandman fans will be very happy as it has passed an era since Netflix declares its plans of making Neil Faiman’s semi-comic and action-adventure show in 2019. After three years the dream in fast become a reality. At the Geeked Week, the streamer provided us with some new glimpses of the show, and it just looked gorgeous. 

The Sandman

It’s true that the teaser is only one minute twenty-seven seconds long and provides such a peek at some of the main characters and also the locations. We already get some of the first glimpses of Mad Herrie, who is kind of trying to convince Johanna Constantine that Dream is out there. We can see Dream return to reality, The Dreaming.  where he has greeted by Lucienne. He also comes to know that, in this absence, his kingdom has just collapsed, and this scene just feels like taken directly from the comic pages. 


We also get some look at the endless. There is a very on shot of Death, who may be the breakout character from the whole comic book. She has just seen for a second, after that we realize the importance of her appearance. She is just wearing her sigil, and ankh necklace. The situation in which she has appeared is looking like the park where she just meets Dream in The Sound of Her Wings.  After that, we have seen the desire in their yellow eyes. 

 There are a couple more of such non-endless characters just revealed too. In this series, the antagonist is John Dee who is like ominously holding the Dream’s ruby that he just eventually utilizes to trap a bunch of the innocent people inside the diner and also torture them. We have seen The Corinthian, the nightmares creature made by Dream. 

In the teaser, the visuals are completely fantastic.  The most interest5ingly The Dreaming, that is every by is the gorgeous, idyllic castle that we know and love from the comic. The exception is while we see it just destroyed when Dream comes into the realm. 

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The teaser provides us with some of the new shots of the series, it’s the only date announcement teaser.  We are expecting a longer trailer with more information before it’s premiering. It is just the beginning.

image 301


Poster of New Characters 

It seems lifelike all of the other teasers we also got for The Sandman that contained such a few new posters containing characters posters for The Corinthian.  

The Corinthian is definitely a terrible creature of nightmare made by Dream to showcase the dark mirror of humanity. He will come as one of the main villains in the saga. It’s expected the most notable characteristic of The Govinthan is just his characteristics of The Corinthian is his appearance, he dressed up in a white suit.

Maximum time, he has seen with shades to cover up his most terrifying feature as he has sets of instead of eyeballs. The Corinthian has not played much of the role in such early problems of the comic with the main storyline coming in Volume 2, “The Doll’s House” from where he visits such rogues and makes a Cereal Convention” that’s really a convention door the serial killers. 

If you were already familiar with the comic book then you know Coleman plays is John Constantine. In the comics, Johanna is like an ancestor of John. In the series, Johanna Constantine plays exactly the same role as John Constantine. The dream is seeking out Johanna for helping him in recovering one of his three missing totems of strength, his pouch of sand. 

image 303

The Sandman: Plot 

The Sandman can be a daunting tale to wrap your head around with a huge concept, tone of characters, and several myths and legends weaved into the story. 

After summing up, the short just follow Dream, also popular as Morpheus, kai’ckul, Sandman, and also such countless other names. Their name and appearance change depending on who is watching them. We are watching him as endure the trials and tribulations coming as the Ruler of Dreams. Dreams just make a lot of mistakes that come back as a nightmare to him. 

The Sandman: Voice Cast

We also goy a major cast announcement with the news that Mark Hamill provided the voice of Mervyn Pumpkinhead.

The Sandman: Release Date 

Netflix’s most anticipated series ‘The Sandman’ will hit on 5th August 2022. 

Here is the Geeked Week Netflix trailer: 

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