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Top 10 Toughest Badass villains in Marvel Cinematic Universe

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been able to deliver such unparalleled thrills and also put such famed costumed heroes just against those ultimate bad guts adapted from the comics.

Everyone from the neighbourhood crime lords appear like Kingpin to the tyrants like Thanos, Loki has provided big combat to Thanos to come up in the list. There is nothing to deny that flying us some of the powerful villains in movies and TV series. 

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Badass villains in MCU: 


10. Agatha Harkness 

In Marvel, Agatha Harkness is also one of the most beautiful and dangerous villains. She is like one woman with multiple avatars from nosy neighbour to malicious magical mother. Agatha Harkness also wonders about the true character through maximum WandaVision. Agnes is also actually the centuries-old witch Agatha playing a role from the past of Wanda. Wanda’s version plays such a pivotal in Wanda’s evolution into Scarlet Witch mode. 

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9. Helmut Zemo 

There are many thoughts and rumours that beings down the Avengers as it took such a former Sokovian intelligence officer, and also acting out of sheer grief for the job. After decryption of the HYDRA files that also had been public, Helmut Zemo felt Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had a hidden pressure point. Zemo can use Barnes and frame him for a terrorist attack to make such a massive rift between Captain America and Iron Man. 

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8. Johann Schmidt (Red Skull) 

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In the list of top Marvel villains, Johann Shmidt or Red Skull is a definitely powerful one. It shows Nazis and the Allied Forces were dealing door World War II, the science and tech division of Hitler, and HYDRA went rogue while becoming the leader, Johann Schmidt also take the decision to launch the attack on America. After disfiguring from the early version of Abraham Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum that was also perfected for Steve Rogers, Schmidt popular as Red Skull. 

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7. Kilgrave  

The vilest villain in MCU was Kilgrave with the sadistic rapist along with the ability for making anyone do what he also commanded along with his words.  he is more than forcing people to murder themselves as a purple-clad monster, born in Kevin Thompson. Now the object of such deep fixation had been Jessica Jones and also forced into a personal servant for months. 

image 155

6. Hela 

If you have watched all the Thor series you may know her before Marvel: Avengers: End Game. She is a heavy hitter owned as much as Thor and Loki as she is their sister of them. Hela who has no idea she is not even existed come back to the scenes fresh from Hel, having been freed from her prison after the death of Odin. We all have seen Mjolnir has been destroyed and the two bickering bros cast off into the space. 

image 156

5. Adrian Toomes 

After becoming sniffed out of such chitauri on cleaning up and salvage job from the government, Adrian Toomes has taken the decision for putting his team on work as weapons dealers on using such alien tech as he has recovered to bring such high prices. Toomes has the ability to fly and stealing for more tech for living the good life and there was nothing that prevents him from getting for his family. 

image 157

4. Wilson Fisk 

The most controversial character in the MCU is the Kingpin. There are such few j who has wears a white suit and looming over the room with subservient to crime lords just like Wilson Fisk. It is just five steps ahead of the master manipulator, a tower of strength, Disk able to control any environment as he had been played in.

He became a mystery player in the syndicate of crooks and also trying to get over hell’s Kitchen that convicted falcon in Cell Block D, Fisk would soon get everyone around him. This gut also managed to get the FBI in their back pocket while he was just in the house and arrested. 

image 158

3. Eric Killmonger 

He is known as the cruel villain of Wakanda after being abandoned by his family as his father’s radical beliefs. The cousin of King T’Challa, N’Jadaka who few up very angry and stayed alone in America., but have been erased from the history.

The two means Erik Killomonger, N’Jadaka also trained as murder machine like a part of a U.S. with the military with black-ops, and all under the preparation with one day coming to his homeland and also confronting the entire family over what they had done. The worst nightmare of T’Challa’s worst nightmare becomes true. T’Challa just fought for supremacy. He is one of the toughest villains in MCU. 

image 159

2. Loki 

The adopted brother of the God of Thunder, Thor, the Trickster Gid Loki who has grown up with such immense chip on the should regarding Odin, Thor, along with the leaders of Asgard in general. After attempting several failures to win both Asgard and Earth by using the alien horde lent to him by Thanos.

Loki starts to see the error of his process after his mother, who he felt also was one true ally. It’s true that not with the people of Earth who were probably a little emotional about him trying to invade the planet and also subjugate them, but with Thor, the brother also grew up resenting. 

image 160

1. Thanos 

In the MCU universe, Thanos is one of the most powerful villains for years as Mad Titan journeyed to get each of the six Infinity Stones. There is a question of what he will do with the tones, he just bought them to protect life after knowing firsthand the dangers of such overpopulation, waste, and greed, Thanos and his children were determined to cull the universe and make the life half. With a quick snap. Thanos took Avengers a time-heist, and Doctor Strange’s one-in-14 million outcomes to conquer the day and get back to existence. 

 We will like to say you just think all the strongest avengers come together, infect from the different timelines to stop this one man. Captain America and Thor give terrible combat to him but are defeated.  In the end, an Iron man takes up the situation by himself and defeats Thanos. 

A big thanks for the source. 

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