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Independent Betting Adjudication Service: Overview

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The IBAS is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service. It works as an alternate method to solve disputes regarding fair play in gambling, where instead of taking their disputes to court casinos and clients engage in the impartial mediation of a third party, through the logic of law and common sense, and helps settle the disputes between the parties. IBAS is dedicated to providing free assistance to those claiming unfair results in their gambles.

All disputes raised by a customer are looked upon by a panel of experts. The services provided by the IBAS are free of cost to the consumers. It is supported by an annual registration fee, which is collected from independent gambling operators that you can check at NonStopCasino as an annual fee that is paid a year in advance.

The IBAS aims at solving issues without delving into legal complexities. The Independent Betting Adjudication Services panel makes sure the game providers follow the proper standards pre-determined by the Gambling Commission along with the terms and conditions of IBS during registration.


Their Adjudication Panel does not hold face-to-face, courtroom-style hearings, so they require written submissions from both parties explaining the facts of the dispute.

IBAS service is completely free. Licensed gambling operators under the terms and conditions abide, by paying a registration fee a year in advance to the UKGC and must follow the IBAS ruling over disputes. In 2015 the IBAS was engaged by the UK Gambling Commission to consider the fairness of the rules and terms used by license holders when adjudicating disputes. It received powers and duties over it that allow honouring a dispute ruling without needing to go to court.

IBAS Objectives

  • Upholding clarity of communication, promoting the fair game in gambling, and resolving disagreements within parties.
  • Fast resolution of a raised dispute.
  • Staying unbiased while giving advice.
  • Excepting independent viewpoints and considering delivering unbiased advice.
  • Consistency in maintaining standards.
  • Maintenance of strict professionalism and upholding Ethics.

What Does the IBAS Cover?

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IBAS covers the following: 

  • Bingo Halls- If a player Calls the house and is not heard or considered before the next number is drawn.
  • Betting Shops & Gamstop Sites
  • If a player placed Late bets for games of chance like roulette or craps, and questions about the ownership of winning bets.
  • Unfair or broken games-Unless the claimant is very specific, the fairness of a game is a matter that must be directed to the Gambling Commission.
  • Game software issues-Interruptions in connectivity by server or software failure, that affect successful bets.
  • Disputed offer terms.
  • Offers or promotions not honoured by the operator.
  • Fairness of rules, terms, and conditions in the case of transaction.
  • Misleading or unfair advertisements
  • Bonus or free bet disputes-Disputes relate to the bonus offers and terms of the offer, which can invalidate the customer’s redemption.
  • Online Account Identity Disputes-Disputes involving accounts being closed and/or winnings being cancelled on the grounds of multi-accounting.

What Does IBAS Not Cover?

  • Disputes relating to the standard of customer service provided by the casino.
  • Allegations of fixing, cheating or games operated unfairly.
  • Annoying e-mail marketing techniques by offshore gambling operators.
  • Complaints of underage gamblers who have been allowed to gamble.

IBAS Procedure

  • To adjudicate disputes, a panel of experts in the fields of gambling is selected. 
  • The panellists review the nature of the bet or game under dispute, considering the rules or terms of the transaction. 
  • If no relevant rules or industry precedent exists, the final decision will be determined by using common sense principles.
  • The Independent Betting Adjudication Service is under the UKGC,  thus their decisions can bind standalone gaming companies with a Gambling Commission license.
  •  Cases that are worth up to £10,000, can follow these rulings. If dissatisfied with the judgment the customer can then move to court.

How to Raise a Dispute?

  • Create an account;
  • Once logged, explain the dispute in a very precise and concise matte, considering:
  • State your expected outcome 
  • And the actual outcome 
  • Explain in detail the explanation of the company for the outcome.
  • Provide details such as account number or account username or receipt/ticket number.
  • Provide any evidence such as photographs or screenshots which support the case.

In Case of Dissatisfaction With the Ruling 

Usually, both parties are to comply with the judgment. But in case of reasons like factual error or mistake in the ruling, new evidence that wasn’t presented when the case was first considered must be brought within 40 days of receiving the ruling to appeal.

Though this case is rare as IBAS aims at being unbiased and helping people get redressal for issues once having no trials.


IBAS has solved many disputes between casinos and clients who did not want to go to court which was extremely expensive. It has also helped people express their concerns and seek redressal by raising their voices, which was not possible. Thus IBAS has made gambling a much safer and trusted place using technologies that help to deal with the shady experience of the past.

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