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How to bet on NFL games properly?

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The U.S. sports culture is considered one of the most diverse and well-rounded around the globe. The NFL is widely regarded as the best league in the world  Over time, this sport is gaining popularity not only among the world’s observers but also in betting. 

However, due to the low level of coverage of this discipline, bettors have problems understanding the principles of correct match prediction. Let’s break down betting on American football, highlight the best betting strategies, and reveal the ins and outs of the game’s key features.

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Peculiarities of the NFL games


American football is a second-to-none worldwide sport. Many people think rugby is a similar discipline, but no dice — there are fundamental differences. Today, American football is the sport number 1 sport in the United States, and no wonder that bettors around the world spend billions of dollars each year on bets in this discipline. Let’s get acquainted with the main points of the game:

  • The match lasts 60 minutes, the time is divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes;
  • The match involves two teams of 11 people;
  • The goal of the game is to score the most points by moving the ball to the in-goal area;
  • 4 attempts are given to play the ball, if a team fails to go 10 yards, the next attempt will begin;
  • 6 points will be awarded for bringing the ball into the in-goal area (touchdown);
  • A team may receive 3 points if there is a long distance to the in-goal and not many attempts left in the contest;
  • After a touchdown a team can score 1 or 2 points — if the kicker kicks the ball in the goal, 1 point is awarded for the kick, if the players play the ball with an entry into the in-goal zone 2 points are awarded.

Betting on American football is accepted in pre-match and in play. Most betting companies try to create the best conditions for bettors, so the spread is good in most games of different tournaments. The top championship is considered to be the North American league NFL — the season finale (SuperBowl) gathers tens of millions of spectators from all over the world every year in front of the screens.  American college football in the United States is also popular; the NCAA league is the second most-watched league after the NFL.

When betting on NFL matches, you can see the following betting options in the betting company’s rosters:

  1. The outcome of the game. The bettor needs to choose how the match will end. In American football, bets are accepted on the regular time and the match with overtime. It is necessary to be careful when placing a bet on this point. The outcome is also found in the spreadsheet by quarters and halves.
  2. Handicap. Players must guess the margin with which the team will win (if the bet is registered on the favorite) or will not lose to their opponent. A handicap can be positive or minus, in rare cases bookmaker can give a zero handicap in the line.
  3. Total. This is a game to determine the number of productive actions. Widespread bet on total points — it can be found in the schedule for the match, for individual quarters or halves. In the same time intervals you can bet on the total points scored by two teams, or individuals — here points from a particular team are taken into account. It is also possible to bet on totals of touchdowns, punts, field goals, fouls, and other indicators.
  4. Additional events. In some companies, you can find bets on the exact number of touchdowns, the individual performance of players, winners by quarters, the highest performance in a quarter or half, and so on.
  5. Special bets. This includes long-term bets — Super Bowl winner, DPOY( defensive player of the year), MVP of the season.

Recommendations for the beginners

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The most important factor for success in American football betting is the ability to correctly analyze each game. In order to conduct an accurate analysis of the match, it is necessary to be guided by the following evaluation criteria:

  • The form of the teams. It is crucial to assess the physical and psychological state of the teams, there may be a series of victories or defeats, affecting the functional state and morale.
  • Oppositions. Uncomfortable opponents or, on the contrary, comfortable teams, long series without victories in one of the teams, or failures in a particular stadium are also important factors that may indirectly affect the result.
  • Trends. First of all, performance trends — it is important to evaluate how much the teams score and concede in the last meetings.
  • Motivation. Derby teams from the same city, historically irreconcilable rivals, the match for the playoffs, the final of the tournament – to assess the importance of the match for each team is not less important than understanding the form of the teams.


Is it possible to bet on a potential NFL champion?

Yes, this kind of bet is available in most betting companies — you can find it in long-term bets.

Is it possible to place bets on the American college football matches?

Yes, a lot of well-thought-of bookies accept bets on the matches of this tournament.

What are the peculiarities of the betting total in American football?

The total in American football is made up of the resulting actions: a touchdown gives a team 6 points, a score is 1 point, and a field goal will bring 3 points. A touchdown run can be scored by 1 point or 2.

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