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All the Must-Have Phone Accessories for Fashion Girls

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Phones are the most used accessory and we must keep them stylish like our outfits. In 2022, renowned designers and fashion gamers have stepped into the phone accessories game this season. From statement phone cases like crossbody phone cases to funky chains. We have covered it all to make an integral component. Keep your Insta handles fresh and updated with these funky must-have phone accessories for fashion girls.

All the Must-Have Phone Accessories for Fashion Girls

Phone charms:

Mobile phone charms are cute little trinkets to embellish your smartphone. It comes in many sizes and designs. It can also be used as key chains. These are small funky charms that serve functional and ornamental purposes. It ranges from a few hundred to thousands depending upon the motifs and meticulous work by professionals. These charms come in various sizes and can be attached with torches & keychains.

Phone Cases:


We all are afraid of our smartphone’s broken screen. To eradicate this situation phone cases call for your help. Gone were the days when there were few choices in terms of phone covers. Now you get a variety of color options, patterns, and designs. The trendiest phone cases are mirror phone cases, crossbody phone wallets, electromagnetic cases, cute silicone phone cases, and diamond-studded cases. 

For example: If you buy a crossbody phone case, it acts as a wallet for storing money, ID cards, and phones in a handy way. It looks stylish and makes traveling or partying easier.

Phone Stands:

Keeping your phone time in your hands is tiring. Are you looking for an alternative? If yes, go for a phone stand. It makes it easy to watch movies and shows keeping on the table or bed. Phone stands are great to have. It makes your binge-watch fun.

Power Bank:

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Power banks are today’s need. Nowadays power banks are multi-purpose usage. It charges phones, tablets, and laptops easily. A power bank’s goal is to eradicate rechargeable batteries. Also, if your girl is a college-going student or working, gift her a power bank so that her phone never runs out of charge.


The earbuds look cool. You can listen to music and enjoy your journey. If music is your relaxing time. It is great to release your stress anytime. Also, headphones help you talk during other work.


Popsockets are small ring-shaped sticky socket that sticks to the back of the phone. It expands and flattens with a tik tok. It allows your fingers to slide in the popsocket for easy handling. You can take a selfie with one hand and can use it as a stand too. Get cute matching popsockets. Change them according to your mood and place.

Dust Plugs:

Dust plugs as the name says are used to protect the smartphone from dust, water splashes, and lint. With time phone collects dirt through the plug openings and headphone points. You can insert dust plugs to protect your phone. It comes in a variety of cute designs like a beetle, smiley, panda, fruits, animated characters, and more.

Camera Lens:

Camera lenses are great to have. It is good to not pack your bags with stuff while traveling. Why don’t you make your phone your personal photographer? The camera lens clicks images in HD quality and is also great for making videos. 

Final Verdict:

So, all the mentioned above mobile phone accessories are must-haves. Go through the Peeperly collection for chic girlish smartphone stuff. It is always good to have quality products rather than cheap possessions. We have mentioned them all. What is your pick? Let us know. If you have any suggestions, write us in the comment section below.

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