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Squid Game (Season 2): The Creator confirms the series will release by the end of 2023 

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Netflix’s one of the popular web series is Squad Game. The first season got a huge response from the audience. But it took a long time than expected for the second season, Netflix clearly announced that the worldwide popular series Squid Game was renewed for the second season. The creator of the series  Hwang Dong-hyuk also confirmed that it will take too long to launch the second season, the prediction says, the series will not come until late 2023 Or early 2024. 

 Hwang Dong-hyuk is both the writer and director of the series. Squid Game is mainly a Korean Netflix Original thriller series, and it’s true we have got many popular series from the country like Kingdom and Crash Landing on You.  

You can say that this series is definitely a bonus of Netflix’s growing investment in South Korea got millions of dollars being invested into Korean film and TV shows. 



Squad Game(Season 2): Renewal Status 

After watching the first season we assume this series is going to be one of the great shows, but not a global phenomenon.  

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After getting a huge response, the expectations of the audience also increase about the future season, but for this, the viewers have to wait for a long time.  

Dong-hyuk was exposed to a variety of how happy he has been along with the successful show, but a big thanks to how long and stressful the process of making the series that was at first just put off him from directly jumping into the project.  

Now, the cogs have just been turned in Dong-hyuk’s head as he has revealed that he has such a basic tale come out from his head for season 2. AP News just reported at a red carpet event for the special screening at Neuehouse Hollywood, Hwang Dong-hyuk just said that the season two will happen someday: 

“I do have a basic storyline for season two, it’s all in my head, and I am currently in the brainstorming stage. It will happen, someday, but as for when I cannot tell you details” .

In January 2022 Netflix’s main content officer Ted Sarandos confirmed that the second season of Squid Game is just on the way.  

Squad Game(Season 3): Renewal Status 

After an interview with Korea Times, Hwang Dong-hyuk exposed that the discussions are still on with Netflix for the second and third seasons.  

“I’m in talks with Netflix over Season 2 as well as season 3. We will come to a conclusion any time soon.” 

This is quite surprising news provided by the initial reluctance that Hwang Dong-hyuk had to come back for the franchise for the second season. Ideas from where the tale could go next just light up with the creative brain of the creative filmmaker.  

The most exciting is the interview that indicates the renewal expose very soon.  

The second season of 'The Squid Game' would not arrive until the end of 2023  - Early Bulletins

As a Global Phenomenon 

After the overwhelming success of Squid Game, we had shocked that Netflix has not approached Hwang Dong-hyuk that already going to discuss the potential talk about renewal.  

The interesting fact id Squid Game has been trended in the top 10 lists of 94 countries across the world. Among 83, already 80 countries have seen Squid Game one spot.  

Squad Game(Season 3): Expectations 

The Frontmen defects 

The main secrets of the identity of the games Frontman lead to the dramatic and tragic expose for Detective Hwang Joon Ho, who had been in search of his missing brother. It was just unable to send any of the evidence of the games to engage the police, Hwang Joon Ho was just confronted by that Frontman who exposed his identity like that Hwang In Ho, Joon Ho’s missing brother. Now refusing to co-operate along with his brother, In-house Ho was just left without any choice but to shoot Joon Ho, which leads his little brother from falling off the cliff.  

After being shaken by his actions, In Ho become haunted by what he did to his brother which could lead to massive repercussions in later games.  

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 In Ho

According to the Frontman of the games, In-Ho has placed strategically placing to destroy the whole operation if he was to turn against the VIPs.  

It contains many changes that Joon Ho survived his fall as Squid Game is following the TV troupe of the characters who just believe to be died off-screen, are not actually become dead.  

Gi-Hon Destroys the Games?  

The time spent on him in this game is very scary, Gi-Hon was on the way to recovery and had that final starting move in his life. But if you focus on Gi-Hon’s s horror as he has witnessed the salesman of the same game who joined him and attempted to recruit a new potential games candidate.  

He may not confront the game recruiter, but he had able to take the card away from that new candidate.  On calling upon the number of the card Gi-Hon once again told the Frontman, confirming that he had still been seen by the organization. After refusing to board his plane that would take him to watch his daughter, Gi-Hon instead of left and heavily insinuating as he is out of the revenge against the responsible.  

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 Gi Hun

Gi-Hon holds that much money and has the motivation to take revenge to return those who become responsible for the games. From the technical view, Gi-Hon is not the only survivor as there have been the last winners of the games return back like a few decades. If he can able to find any victim, then together they may be able to fetch their money and also can find a way to destroy the base of the game.  

VIPs Identity Exposed?  

We just have seen the face expose on one of the game’s VIPs, it almost leads Joon Ho to get the evidence to the mainland.  

The games wouldn’t be possible without taking any backup of the VIPs that indicates if they can be taken down then what about the games. Gi-Hun already knows about the existence of the VIPs thanks to Il Nam had under the business, after that Gi-Hun will be able to mark them.  

Netlfix K Drama Squid Game Season 2 Vips

Squad Game(Season 3): Release Date 

We have previously been told that it takes a long time for the second season on Netflix. The director is also reluctant to come back to Squid Game without any help from seasoned directors and a decent writing room. He is very positive about returning to the series as soon as possible just after finishing while he planned to bring working feature films like KO Club as he is recently just drafting and just pitched such premise like an inter-generational battle.  

Hwang Dong-hyuk based on the release of the second season has the creator who is just predicting the late 2023 or 2024 release.  

A big thanks for the source.  

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