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Mivi DuoPods F60 Review: Carrying the Improvements of Made in India Audio Products

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  • Attractive design
  • Super Battery life
  • Type-C charging
  • Comfortable fit
  • Affordable
  • Microphnes need improvement

Mivi is one of those few Indian companies that manufacture its products from scratch to end within the country’s borders. After dropping two Fort series soundbars, which are the company’s first soundbars, it came up with the next DuoPods F series truly wireless earphone. The new TWS called Mivi DuoPods F60. It launched at just Rs.999 at the end of April and provided four colour options – Black, Blue, Green, and White.

As per the company sources, they sold 5000 units in just 5 minutes. Fortunately, I got a chance to figureout the reasons for this craze. I have the Green colour unit and I have been using it for around two weeks now. So, continue reading to know all my experiences with the Mivi DuoPods F60.

Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 1


  • With Mic: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Charging time: 1 hrs
  • Battery Life: 50 Hrs (At Mid Volume)
  • Four Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • IPX4 Water Resistant|Comfortable & Light Weight
  • Touch Controls with Google/Siri Voice Assistant

In the Box:

  • DuoPods F60
  • Extra Eartips
  • Type-C cable
  • Paperworks
Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 2

Design & Build:


Team Mivi has tried something new for this DuoPods F60 in this section. All the earlier wireless earphones came with a matt finish, at least the charging case. For the first time, the company put a glossy finish. The material is plastic. Still, the finish and the round shape design together make the product visually much more attractive than any of its competitors. The case shape is good to carry in your pocket too.

Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 11

The Mivi branding along with white battery life indicators are visible from the front view. The Type-C charging port is placed at the bottom. The rest charging case body is clean. Despite the finish, it hardly attracts smudges or any other dust.

The buds get exactly the same finish as its case. The twig is helpful to put it on or off, and it covers the touch sensitive area, microphones, and a multi-colour LED in each. The overall design of the buds is light weight, good to fit in ears for both short and long time usage.


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A 12mm dynamic driver is there in each bud to produce the audio output Mivi wants us to immerse in. As a result, the audio output actually the buds are producing is much higher than I expected. I have tried tracks, movies, and audio stories too. Got different kinds of experiences in each case.

First for tracks, the output is extremely loud. The volume level was 50% or 60% was the best for me, never required to increase further. At this level, all heard good only. The bass level is above average which is okay. A bit powerful thumps feel the perfect combo. The vocals are also loud and clear.

While watching any movie on any OTT or any video the things become somewhat different. Here I kept the volume full mostly to enjoy the shows. The audio output from the buds is enough to create the stereo environment for your favourite OTT content.

For the audio stories, the audio is coming very loud along with the base. However, the vocals felt heavy all the time. In this case, also need to keep the volume around 50% to 60% for a comfortable listening experience as per my opinion.

Overall, the audio quality is acceptable at Rs.999 price point. Only need to control the volume sometimes.

Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 10

Microphone & Calling:

There are four microphones assigned in total. These work to capture our words and the environmental noise too to cut it out while attending any call. I agreed budget TWS are good for media consumption only, not to get excellent call experiences. It’s true for this DuoPods F60 also. The microphones capture my words and deliver sometimes. But mostly it is suppressed extremely. My suggestion will be to avoid taking important calls with it.

Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 5


Bluetooth 5.1 is responsible for the connectivity of this earphone. The connectivity remains stable all the time within short distances as usual. Not much latency to notice in normal usage. Additionally, there is support for AVRCP, A2DP, HSP, and HFP codecs.

Pairing the buds with smartphone is the normal procedure. It takes around two to three seconds to pair initially and around two seconds hardly to connect back with the last device. So, overall, the connectivity is stable and without any flaws.


Mivi manages to provide all the required controls directly through the buds. That includes play/pause tracks, jump to next/previous song, receive/reject calls, Voice assistant interaction, and lastly, volume adjustment. All the gestures work properly, however around a second delay is there, which is obvious and acceptable too.

Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 7

Battery Life:

After the design, this is the section where Mivi has worked too hard. The claim to provide over 50 hours of total battery backup is attractive itself for one TWS and that also maintaining the design, weight, and size. Against casual usage, I got the total backup for around six days. This includes media consumption mainly, approx five hours each day. These figures are really impressive. There is a Type-C port for charging. So, need to carry separate cable for it.

Mivi DuoPods F60 Review - - 12


Among all the TWS available at around Rs.1,000, this Mivi DuoPods F60 is somewhat different. Not only because of its attractive design but also for super battery life, audio quality, and connectivity. Mivi is improving the home-grown audio product quality day by day and this DuoPods F60 is the latest example.

Mivi Store:

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Design and Build
Anupam Modak
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.


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Mivi DuoPods F60 Review: Carrying the Improvements of Made in India Audio Products Mivi is one of those few Indian companies that manufacture its products from scratch to end within the country's borders. After dropping two Fort series soundbars, which are the company's first soundbars, it came up with the next DuoPods F series truly wireless earphone....

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