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7 Tips To Become a GTA Online Pro

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Do you know GTA 5 is the most expensive game made yet? Yes, you read that right. And it earns more than Hollywood movies. 

Rockstar has upped the bar by making the GTA series. You’re in total love with the 2013-released GTA 5’s online version if you’re anything like us. The game has increased possibilities and mimics real life — you can earn money, buy cars, text someone, or get laid.

This post will tell you seven tips on how you can become a GTA online pro. Even though the game was released many years ago, it continues to be one of the most played multiplayer games globally.

1. Make Sure The Network is Good

Before you delve into this GTA 5 online, it’s worth telling you that you need a fast and reliable Internet connection to enjoy the game’s immersive world. As per Rockstar’s official requirements, you should have:

  • At least 7.5 Mbps download speed
  • At least 1 Mbps upload speed

Furthermore, you should download a VPN for Windows or Mac if you’re playing via a PC to check servers that best fit the speed requirements. This way, you’ll be at bay from your data getting hacked and improving your internet connection. We recommend using the VPN service by VeePN. It’s a free VPN for computers.

2. Don’t Skip What Rockstar Has To Tell.

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What should I do first in GTA Online? Don’t skip the tutorial. Watch the prologue.

When you first enter the game, it’ll show you a tutorial where it’ll take you to the character creator before launching you into the game. However, if you’re playing a standalone version of GTA 5, you may bypass the tutorial.

Nonetheless, if you’re starting GTA 5, you shouldn’t skip and see what Rockstar has to tell to get the best of the game. 

3. Money is King

One of the best GTA 5 online tips is to remember money plays an important role. You will earn a lot of money from heists, missions, and other jobs in the game. And similar to real life, your desire will lure you into buying things that aren’t necessary.

As soon as you finish watching the tutorial, you’ll be able to access the GTA 5 map and see tasks or jobs which you can do. Rockstar doesn’t define any order to do these jobs, and you can go ahead and start right away. Playing missions will earn you money and increase your Reputation Points (RP) and level in the games.

4. Invest Your Money

What’s the best thing you can do after earning a hefty amount of money? It’s investing — which will either make you rich or gain popularity inside the GTA 5 world.

What is the fastest way to make money in GTA Online? It’s an import/export business and the stock market.

You can access the stock market in GTA 5, just as you’d in real life. You’ll need a computer or mobile phone to do that. Make sure you watch some news to invest mindfully. Similar to real life, the stock market can make you rich quickly.

Furthermore, you can get cars and own a garage if you have enough money. Cars are also suitable for earning quick cash.

5. Get Your Car Insured

If there’s one thing sure in GTA 5, it is that anything can happen to you and your assets. Your costliest car can get stolen, and without insurance, you will bear a huge loss.

The solution? Take your car to any Los Santos Customs to buy a tracker (for a fee). You can’t get insurance without a tracker. Also, if you own a garage, all your cars parked there will have a tracker and, therefore, be eligible for insurance.

Once insured, you can claim if your car gets stolen and pay only 10% of your total car price.

6. Give Your Skills an Upgrade

Even though all three protagonists of GTA 5 have varied skill levels, there are two skills experts can not stop recommending: flying and shooting.

Both these skills are essential and will help you in completing missions.

Go to Los Santos airport if you want to practice and learn to fly. The airport does have planes and helicopters which you can fly.

Next, shooting will undoubtedly help you win missions fast. Most of the time, you’ll be killing your enemy. And to achieve it’s important, you learn to aim and shoot.

7. Help Needy Citizens

The last tip on our GTA 5 online guide is not a tip but advice. It will help you earn some easy cash and increase your RP.

Rockstar has skillfully placed random events in the GTA 5 online game. You can trigger these random events and start a special mission. It can be as easy as giving a ride or saving someone.


If you’re wondering, “How do you become a pro on GTA Online?” These seven GTA 5 tips are going to be a great help. Furthermore, don’t forget to use VeePN for a safe and secure experience. It has a free trial and is one of the best free VPN for PCs.

Now go, build your empire!

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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