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The best popular games for weak laptops and PCs

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Modern games do not evolve too quickly in terms of graphics and gameplay, but their requirements for computer hardware are another matter. Everything is growing, literally provoking people to buy expensive processors and graphics cards. 

If you own a laptop with modest specifications and are not ready to upgrade, pay attention to the following games. They will run even on office configurations and are not inferior to the best blockbusters in the interestingness. Also, any online casino game will go even on an old PC. Among the suitable games are:

  • Starcraft;
  • Warhammer 40000;
  • Bulletstorm and others.

Strategies for weak laptops 

Strategy games have long been a genre that prioritizes gameplay and then tries to impress the players with its high-tech. So a few vacancies in this ranking had a few dozen competitors. Of course, the top got only the best of the best representatives of the genre. More precisely, several areas at once – TBS, RTS, etc.

  • Starcraft – a space strategy game against three races (Zerg, Terrans, and Protoss), also got a lot of fans and became a popular cybersport discipline. And in South Korea, in general, it did almost a national sport, which is broadcast on TV. The game has a Remastered version with improved screen resolution and textures, while the system requirements remain democratic. 
  • You can argue as much as you want about which part of Heroes you like more – still, most will say that better than Heroes of Might and Magic III has not invented anything. This time-tested classic has an excellent HD re-release and a small community of regular fans who will keep you company in multiplayer battles. 
  • Might&Magic: Clash of Heroes: This is a different kind of product. The old banner is there – Might & Magic, but everything else can be called “the wrong steppe.” From the first minutes of the game, gamers are bombarded with a dashingly twisted storyline that unfolds in funny pictures that appear as you go. And the gameplay is just as turn-based but built on an entirely different canon than the HOMM3 mentioned above.
  • Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War – a series of strategies based on the famous universe of tabletop games, later leaked to computers and laptops. The first part of DoW and addons is a classic RTS with the construction of the base, and subsequent have changed the gameplay to suit modern gamers. And now, there is more of a bias in the management of units and taking the correct position on the ground. Either way, the game is worth playing. 

Shooters for weak laptops 


Long gone are the days when players could be impressed with the mere fact of killing the enemy – modern gamers shred into the cabbage and shoot computer opponents by the hundreds or even thousands. Yes, and the spectacular high-tech picture is not so happy. Recognizing this, many developers are breaking all the boxes and templates, releasing projects with a Hollywood-style stunning approach to the destruction of enemies. And their system requirements are such that they run even on outdated or office configurations.

  • In Darkness 2, the protagonist is armed with tentacles that allow you to tear enemies apart and devour them in various ways. An extra pair of arms, inherited by the protagonist, helps whip someone in close combat or throw a barrel with fuel at the distant enemy and make a spectacular finish. Also, the protagonist has a hand demon. 
  • Bulletstorm also has its unique features. The hero creatively uses the features of the environment and a rich arsenal of weapons to kill enemies, turning complex combinations spectacularly. String an opponent upon a cactus? No problem – you have to give it a good kicking. Feed a human to a giant carnivorous flower? There is no problem either. Ways to spectacularly execute the enemy are a wagon and a small cart. Some are tied to weapons, others to environmental elements and energy whiplash.
  • The first Modern Warfare game from 2007 is one of the most popular in the franchise and still stands out from all the other series games. Now the story’s action unfolds in modern times, which means that the latest weapons and ammunition are available to us. The project takes several hours to pass, but it is full of different missions and situations. 
  • The first Far Cry is the brainchild of Crytek, who later released the famous Crysis. The first-person shooter set on beautiful islands was released in 2004 and at that time impressed with its graphics combined with the freedom of action. That’s when the concept of modern action games began to emerge, where the player could choose his approach to complete the tasks. The game also had a very cool artificial intelligence. The game is already considered an absolute classic and will be an excellent solution for those who can’t afford an upgrade.

Action games for weak laptops

Many gamers have recently begun to notice how badly third-person action games have deteriorated – endless Lootboxes, lack of optimization, empty open worlds with monotonous tasks. Not surprisingly, more and more people are starting to pay attention to previously unreleased projects and the indie game industry. Below we will look at several games that do not look like Red Dead Redemption 2 on max settings but still can enthrall many gamers.

  • Advent Rising is a third-person action game with a significant budget and exciting mechanics, and it has become one of the favorite games for many gamers. Here only the laconic technical realization and several negative factors gave up the possible sequels, although AR was initially planned to be a large-scale trilogy. Even despite this annoying little thing, it is worth playing. System requirements are low, and the story is fascinating. 
  • American McGee’s Alice is another action game from the zero years, but this time with a whimsical cartoon style mixed with psychedelics and violence. Alice has to defend herself against crowds of dangerous creatures, bounce around the levels, and use bizarre weaponry (e.g., killing her opponents by throwing cards). Such variety is the kind of variety modern AAA can only envy.
  • The redheaded vampire Rain was once one of the most recognizable female characters in PC games (even though Bloodrayne had only two parts), but then the project was thrown into the mezzanine and was not reached until 2020. Now both classic bloody action games are available in a slightly improved form, with widescreen resolution. In this case, the requirements are not much higher than in 2002 and 2004 – when the originals were released. 

Many fans probably will be glad to know that Ziggurat Interactive saw the potential of the Bloodrayne and Bloodrayne 2 universe, so they are already preparing the concept for the third party. Considering that in the first part, the girl was hunting fleeing Nazis in Louisiana, and the second part, she was already running around a modern metropolis, the threequel could unfold anywhere and anytime. It should not be as unsuccessful as the platformer Bloodrayne: Betrayal, which people do not even want to remember.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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