Tuesday, May 17, 2022

AMD Instinct MI300 is rumoured to be the company’s first Exascale APU Powered By Zen 4 CPU Cores & CDNA 3 GPU Cores

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AMD also appears to be working on the Instinct MI300, a first-generation Exascale APU powered by Zen 4 CPU and CDNA 3 GPU cores. In a recent video by AdoredTV, the details of this HPC chip were also revealed.

The initial mentions of AMD’s Exascale APU stretch back to 2013, with further details coming out this year. The EHP, an Exascale Heteorgenous Processor, was announced in 2015 and is based on the then-upcoming Zen x86 CPUs and Greenland GPU with HBM2 memory on a 2.5D interposer. The original plans were subsequently shelved, and AMD moved on to create its EPYC and Instinct CPU and GPU server platforms.

The AMD Exascale APU will combine the latest Zen 4 CPU cores with the latest CDNA 3 GPU cores, forming a harmony between the company’s CPU and GPU IPs once again. This is the first generation Exascale & Instinct APU, according to the manufacturer.


The APU will be taped out by the end of this month, according to AdoredTV’s graphic, indicating a possible introduction in 2023, around the same time the business is anticipated to unveil its CDNA 3 GPU architecture for the HPC markets.

By Q3 2022, AMD expects to have the first silicon in its labs and the platform is known as MDC, which stands for Multi-Die Chip

Aside from the CPU and GPU IPs, the Instinct MI300 APU’s HBM3 memory support is another important feature. Though the actual number of dies on the EHP APU has yet to be determined, Moore’s Law is Dead has previously revealed die configurations with 2, 4, and 8 HBM3 dies. The die shot is displayed in the current leak’s slide, and it also shows at least six dies, indicating a fresh new arrangement. It’s probable that different Instinct MI300 configurations are being developed, with some using only CDNA 3 GPU dies and others using both Zen 4 and CDNA3 IPs.

After over a decade of waiting, it appears that the Exascale APUs will finally be seen in action. The Instinct MI300 is set to disrupt the HPC space with ridiculous levels of performance never seen before, as well as core and packaging advancements that will change the IT industry. Next year, the chip will face off against NVIDIA’s Grace+Hopper Super Chip and Intel’s Ponte Vecchio HPC accelerators.

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