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Here are the first benchmark numbers of Intel’s Alder Lake-HX Core i7-12800HX 16-Core CPU

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The first benchmarks for Intel’s Alder Lake-HX CPUs have been released, and they show a little improvement due to the increased core count. Due to the HX family of Intel CPUs requiring additional hardware for input and outputs, such as the HM670 chipset, the Alder Lake-HX range could be the “spiritual successor” to the company’s Tiger Lake-H45.

This CPU is distinct from the company’s Alder Lake-P silicon, which comes with an integrated chipset that expands the number of PCIe lanes available for the graphics processor, memory storage, and peripherals.

The Golden Pig Upgrade Pack team posted a review of the HX series of Alder Lake mobile CPUs with 16 cores, suited for enthusiasts, on the Chinese social media platform Zhihu

Alder Lake
credit: source

The graphics processor has 16 PCIe Gen 5.0l lanes dedicated to it, while the solid-state drive has 4 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes dedicated to it. The chipset also includes 16 Gen 4.0 and 12 Gen 3.0 lanes. With the integrated NVIDIA GN20-E6 GPU, you can see this in the image below (RTX 3070 TI).


It’s unclear what has changed overall when compared to desktop silicon. The BGA is 2.2 mm smaller, and a set of capacitors has been relocated. The BGA and the LGA are the same sizes.

Alder Lake
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In the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack review, two Lenovo Y9000P gaming laptops were used in the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU, with a TGP of 125 to 150W and identical DDR5-4800 memory, was installed in each laptop. The Intel Core i7-12700H and Core i7-12800HX processors were also used in the laptops. The i7-12700 is a fourteen-core Alder Lake-P processor, whereas the i7-12800HX is a sixteen-core Alder Lake-HX processor.

The processors in the ADL-H and ADL-HX lines are in the middle of each processor’s stack, hence the fact that these two are in separate places is unusual. Another thing to keep in mind is that the 12700H has both PL1 and PL2 power levels configured at 115 and 135W. The 12800HX is rated between 125 and 175 watts.

Alder Lake
credit: source
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While the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack runs various tests, which readers can find here, it’s worth noting that the performance of the 12800HX CPU in processor-bound testing is the same as the single-core output. With the exception of a little 2.56 percent shift toward the HX model used with AAA games, gaming performance did not improve significantly. The multi-threaded scores, on the other hand, jumped to 15% of the time.

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