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Where does India’s Charging Infrastructure for EVs stand in 2022? 

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Electric vehicles or EVs are launching at a huge rate but charging stations are limited. After the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the automobile sector comes with many major changes and updates. The most interesting fact is we have seen a significant explosion in electric vehicles. In India, automobile sharks jump on the electric bandwagon like Tata, Hero, and Mahindra.

Tata Motors has already revealed a prototype of a future electric car Tata CURVV SUV, and in 2022, Tata Motors launched Tata Nexon EV and reveals an extended version of the Tata Nexon EV Max. As the EV needs electricity to power up so we should definitely know about charging stations unless we become in trouble in the middle of the road. As a growing country, India set up many charging stations in each state. 

Electric Vehicles: Government To Setup Charging Stations At Every 25 Km By  2030

The homegrown automaker Tata Motors launched an event on Tata Nexon EV on 6th April 2022. At that event, Tata first unveils The Nexon EV vehicle. Now the electric drivetrain features the long-range Nexon EV, which possesses the strength of covering more than 312 km on a single charge. It will launch earlier next year.


The latest teaser video reveals LED DRLs in the front along the width. The car is designed with a split headlamp setup with main headlights seen on the lower bumper.  The headlamp unit takes a triangle shape and looks amazing. There are machine-cut alloy wheels ended in grey. The badge of Tata is set in the middle. 

EV charging ecosystem: Opinion: The 2022 trends in charging ecosystem  development for 2/3W EVs, Auto News, ET Auto

Tata recently declared an attest standalone EV that is a sub-brand known as TPEML (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited) in which Tata invest Rs. 15,000 crores on the development of the product. This new brand targets to launch over ten new EVs over the course of the next five years.

Under this TPEML umbrella, the electric SUV concept also come and aimed to become a mid-size electric SUV maker. We have got a lot of details about EVs, but what about charging stations? Now let’s discuss charging stations in India that help the buyers to locate the station. In India, there are 35 states. 

Here is the condition of Charging Stations  in all states  of India:

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35. Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands have no charging station for EVs. It will be better to avoid electric vehicles.

34. Arunachal Pradesh 

On the roads of Arunachal Pradesh, you may see many EVs flying on the road but unfortunately, there are no such charging stations for electric vehicles, we suggest better to avoid EVs if you are from Arunachal Pradesh.

33. Dadra and Nagar Haveli 

Dadra and Nagar Haveli have no charging station for EVs. It will be better to avoid electric vehicles.

32. Daman and Diu 

Daman and Diu also have no charging station for EVs. It will be better to avoid electric vehicles.

31. Jammu & Kashmir 

On Jammu & Kashmir’s road, EVs are very rare, and charging stations have not yet been reached in Kashmir.  

30. Lakshadweep 

On the road of Lakshadweep, EVs are very rare, and charging stations have not yet been reached in Kashmir.  

29. Manipur 

Manipur also has no charging station for EVs. It will be better to avoid electric vehicles.

28. Meghalaya 

Meghalaya also has no charging station for EVs. It will be better to avoid electric vehicles in this state as you can face problems with charging.  

27. Mizoram 

Meghalaya also has no charging station for EVs. It will be better to avoid electric vehicles in this state as you can face problems with charging.  

26. Nagaland 

On the road of Nagaland, EVs are very rare, and charging stations have not yet been reached Nagaland. There is no such charging station for electric vehicles. 

25. Tripura 

On the road of Tripura, EVs are still very rare and there is no charging station available in this state. 

Meghalaya to get 40 charging stations to promote sale of electric vehicles

24. Sikkim 

Charging Stations: 1 

In Sikkim, the only charging station is available in Gangtok. if anyone wants they can buy EVs but might face problems with charging.

23. Pondicherry 

Charging Stations: 2 

The state contains only two charging stations for electric vehicles. if you want you can but an EV.

22. Himachal Pradesh 

Charging Stations: 3 

This state has three cities Barog, Kasauli, and Una. All over the state, there are only 3 charging stations.

Power Tariff Set For EV Charging Stations in Chandigarh

21. Chandigarh 

Charging Stations: 5 

In Chandigarh, electric vehicles are also running on the road, and all over the state, there are only 5 charging stations in different locations. 

20. Bihar 

Charging Stations: 7 

Bihar is a large and developing state. On the roads of Bihar, Electric Vehicles become regular, even flying. For your kind information, there are three main cities like Bhagalpur, Patna, and Gaya that contain 7 charging stations for electric vehicles. 

19. Assam 

Charging Stations: 8 

Assam contains many EV centers and electric vehicles already running on the roads. In Assam, there are 8 charging centers located in three cities, Guwahati, Jorhat, and Nagaon. 


18. Goa 

Charging Stations: 13 

Goa State contains three cities Goa, Penha de Franca, and Taleigao. In total Goa contains 15 charging stations for EVs, while only Goa has 13 stations. 

17. Chhattisgarh 

Charging Stations: 16 

Chattisgarh contains five main cities like Bhilai, Bilaspur, Jagdalpur, Khusipar, and Raipur. In total the state holds 16 charging stations of which 12 belong to Raipur. The residents of Raipur are very lucky. 

16. Jharkhand 

Charging Stations: 16 

In Jharkhand state, there are 4 cities, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, and Ranchi where you can get charging stations. In total the state holds 16 charging stations.  you will get maximum charging stations at Jamshedpur. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across India: State-Wise Numbers, Fame  II Scheme & Other Details - DriveSpark News

15. Madhya Pradesh 

Charging Stations: 16 

Madhya Pradesh state has 6 cities. In total the state contains 16 charging stations.  if you live in the main town of Madhya Pradesh then you also can buy an electric vehicle. 

14. Uttarakhand 

Charging Stations: 17 

In this state, you will get charging centers in three cities. There are 17 charging stations available for EVs. 

13. Punjab 

Charging Stations: 21 

In Punjab, you will find charging stations in 7 cities. There are 21 charging stations available for electric vehicles. 

12. Odisha 

Charging Stations: 31 

In Odisha, you will get charging stations in 10 cities. It’s true that the state contains 10 cities, but there are 31 charging stations available for EVs. If you live in Bhubaneshwar then you can buy an electric car other else it’s better not to buy an EV. 

11. Andhra Pradesh 

Charging Stations: 44 

In Andhra Pradesh, there is a total of 44 charging stations located in 20 cities. If you live in Andhra Pradesh then you don’t have to face that many problems. 

Tata Power EV charging stations in West Bengal

10. West Bengal 

Charging Stations: 52 

In West Bengal, there are 10 cities where you can get charging stations. In total the state has 52 charging stations for electric vehicles. If you live in Kolkata then you should buy an EV as it contains 35 charging stations. 

9. Rajasthan 

Charging Stations: 53 

The state of sand contains 16 cities. If you are thinking EVs have not reached this state then we have news to surprise you, as you can get 53 charging stations for electric vehicles in this state, and the number of EVs also increasing slowly on the roads.

8. Haryana 

Charging Stations: 54 

In Haryana charging stations are available in 10 cities which are Chandigarh, Faridabad, Ganaur, Gharunda, Gurgaon, Hisar, Karnal, Panchgaon, and Panchkula. All total the state holds 54 charging stations, in which only Gurgaon holds 20, and Gurugram holds 16 charging stations. 

Telangana to soon call bids for 140 EV charging stations

7. Telangana 

Charging Stations: 85 

In this state, you will get charging stations in 11 cities. There are 96 charging stations for the electric vehicle in total. If you live in Hyderabad then you should definitely buy an EV as this city only contains 85 charging stations. 

6. Kerala 

Charging Stations: 109 

Kerala is also one of the most developing states. You will get char4gingh stations in 32 cities. There are 109 charging stations available in this state, that’s not bad at all. If you live in Kerala then you easily can buy an electric vehicle without any charging hindrence.

Mysuru's first EV charging station launched - The Hindu

5. Karnataka 

Charging Stations: 145 

In Karanataka you will get charging stations in 20 cities. We all knew that Karnataka is a high-tech state. As we are expecting that state has 145 charging stations available for electric vehicles. It’s really a great thing. 

4. Tamil Nadu 

Charging Stations: 187 

In Tamil Nadu, you will get charging stations in 42 cities. This state is also an EV state as it contains 187 electric charging stations for electric vehicles. If you ever visit Tamil Nadu, you can see many electric vehicles on the road. 

First private EV charging point installed at South Delhi resident's home

3. Delhi 

Charging Stations: 213 

In the capital of India, you will get charging stations in 9 cities which are Connaught Place, Delhi, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Hisar, Mayapur, New Delhi, Partaking, Rohini, and Sayri. The state contains 213 charging stations. As the number of traffic and pollution increasing in Delhi, this amount of charging station are not enough for the state. If you live in Delhi then you should definitely buy an EV as it is very good for the environment of Delhi. 

2. Uttar Pradesh 

Charging Stations: 288 

In Uttar Pradesh, you will get charging stations in 17 cities. There are 288 charging stations available for electric vehicles. If you live in this state then you can also easily buy an EV. 

Maharashtra Invites Bids to Set Up 50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations -  Mercom India

1. Maharashtra 

Charging Stations: 455 

Maharashtra is a very big state and you can find charging stations in 18 cities. If you are from Maharashtra then you should definitely use the electric vehicle as there are 455 charging stations available in this state that is incredible. 

At the end, we will like to say that if you live in Maharashtra then you will get a high facility and infrastructure for EVs and charging stations, after that Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Telangana come contains a lot of charging stations. 

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