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Disney Plus Included over 8 million new subscribers within Three Months of 2022 

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Disney + is one of the top growing OTT Platforms to date. The current reports literally shocking for the other OTT platforms as Disney+ included 7.9 or more or less 8 million new subscribers to their streaming service within the first three months of 2022 that the company itself declared from its Q2 earnings reports on Wednesday.

The calculation says a total of 87.6 million across the world excluding 50.1 million people subscribed to Disney Plus Hotstar globally. You just see the list of the US and Canada alone from which Disney Plus just got 7.12 million more subscribers than the company has done one year ago along with 44.4 million. 

While Netflix struggles, Disney Plus gains almost 8 million subscribers

The company also exposed that the numbers of subscribers for all the streaming services like Huli and ESPN Plus had already grown over 205 million from 196.4 million according to the January 2022 report. 


It looks better than Netflix’s recent record as last month the streaming company reported that it already lost 200,000 subscribers in comparison with the previous quarter, this is the first time they are facing this kind of situation in over a decade. We cannot deny that the company’s faster growth of the HBO and HBO Max that is reported over 3 million new subscribers in last quarter, and now it just worth nothing that Netflix still gas 222 million subscribers. 

If you compare the companies with the other companies like CNN Plus then all of the companies are doing great then it. As the services were launched and folded within a few weeks. 

Disney Plus exceeds subscriber growth expectations in fiscal Q2

Disney on losing money on plus 

Disney also represents a report that currently as an individual Disney is earning more that Disney Plus subscribers than it had done previously, mainly in the US. The average monthly revenue per paid subscriber used to be $6.01 and now sitting at $6.32 Disney says the credits foes to, “an increase in retail pricing and a lower mix of wholesale subscribers.” 

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After all of this, Disney Plus is mainly losing the money of the company on a long-range than before. On this topic, Disney says thanks to higher costs for production, advertising, and technology.  These costs are unlikely to be going down, and increasing the price, just like Netflix had done may reduce the subscriber growth. After the analysis, Disney should be looking for creating an ad-supported tier vet soon before it becomes too late. 

Hotstar fetches over 4 million new subscribers for Disney+

The last but not least fact is the earnings of Disney. The company noted the growth of the revenue after losing a billion dollars in revenue to end the license agreement of the customers for movie and television content earlier in the year that using the content of their own streaming services.

We have no such about the customer who was dealt with, but the company clearly declares to get a big hit to bring something onto Disney Plus. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter also elaborated that this could only be possible by the Marvel shows that once were on Netflix before they take migration to Disney Plus in March. 

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